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  1. Misc. Dog Activities
    This started out as trick training but it's really more of a fun game because it isn't just training - it's based on skill and luck too. I thought I'd share it because I was surprised how much fun it is; and I never would have thought of it myself - I got the idea off a FB page. It's good...
  2. Bullies 101
    So this is still something I'm working on and expanding.. but it's at a point where it can be played around with by people interested in Canine color genetics. No, not all the Loci and alleles possible for every breed are listed.. I covered the ones commonly seen in the American Bully and...
  3. General Discussion
    So this little pup I'm fostering - I think she is American bulldog mix - is really different from any other pup I have ever met. First off, she is very intense and when she's doing something, nothing can distract her, I have to physically pick her up and put her somewhere else. Combine that...
1-3 of 130 Results