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    I still collect and play nes games its my hobby of choose lol!
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    And it was really good. but if I'm not mistaken Lisa's dogs were supposed to be in it? And idk if I just missed it or what, but someone let me know where at in the movie we saw them, cuz Trevor missed it too. and that's the main reason we watched the movie.
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    it isnt flawless but we are getting there with it. ;) I have no clue how long it took but after I seen the post and posted I got down to working with her so I think I did alright with it. =) HAHA! can you see she was getting happy? I was so excited when she did it the first time that when she...
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    The largest film I worked on to date was "Gamer". They wanted a pack of Rotties but I could not get them on such short notice and not as many as they needed that could run together in a pack. So I ended up using some of my dogs for the film, (If some of you don't know I animal wrangle in movies...