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  1. Pictures
    Rogue at about 11 weeks 8lbs!
  2. Pictures
    Picked my new pup up last night from the airport! Looking forward to how he turns out got big plans for this one.
  3. Bloodline Discussion
    Hello! im new here and also to the world of pitbulls, i just got a 5 week old Garners Pitbull...she is such a sweetie and needs to grow a bit more before training starts. But i would like to ask if anyone knows any history about Garners Pits or can tell me any interesting facts u think i should...
  4. General Discussion
    hey guy's i'm from belgium en we have a pitbull related site (forum ) to , a friend of mine asked if anyone know where dandy andy is living now and if he is still alive ? i searched the net but cant find anyting ! maybe somebode here can help ? ps sorry for my bad englisch but i dont speak...
1-4 of 4 Results