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    Deb or geisthexe came down to NM to visit for a few day and we had a blast training dogs. Yesterday she helped me work my puppies in Agility then after class we worked Obedience and then Agility. Today we went to Schutzhund training then we went to a friend of mine's house and weight pulled our...
  2. Pictures
    This is my new pup, she is 9 months old and ready to work :D Her name is: "Babings" Von Fulk Thanks to Jon & Romeo (breeders) I am getting to work this beautiful beast. First day out Started sit command & allowing her to get her treat from my mouth. Started training Video of...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey guess what. I just got off the phone with the ADBA and you are getting your wish. They are now forming all breed WP clubs!!!! I dont have all the info but you can call them and get more if you would like!!
  4. Pictures
    bkwill here are some pics of my chocolate rednose Lady geisthexe here are some "before" pictures from the start of our raw diet....sorry I don't have any pictures of the smoking blender LOL:D CUPCAKES!!!! geisthexe I tried to get front and side pics of each of them but it is so hard to keep...
1-4 of 4 Results