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  1. Pictures
    My baby Gem will be turning 1 year old tomorrow(June 21st)! I will have to take some 1 year old pictures of her tomorrow:) I have taken a few of the goofy girl today, so here are her 1 day shy of 1 year pictures lol. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  2. General Discussion
    I have been looking at this kennel for a long time and was hopeing to hear everyone's thoughts on them. Basically are they a reputable breeder.
  3. General Discussion
    So what are your thoughts. I been seeing a TON of different ones, and most of the "this is a bad use of pit bull blah blah blah" people have never seen the video. now people are automatically conditioned into thinking "shake it like a red nose" means the bite and hold style dogs are famous...
  4. Pictures
    Just wanted to start a thread to help me keep track of Gem's progress as she gets older and I get her in shape...Here are the starting out pictures I took of her chubby puppy butt while playing in the back yard today. Hopefully I will see an improvement after a while. EDIT: I reposted the...
  5. Pictures
    My baby Gem turned 6 months old today! We also woke up to see it had snowed a couple inches, Gem loved playing in the snow for the first time. I didn't get very many pictures because they would not quit running full speed through the snow so all they were was a blur lol...
  6. Introduction Forum
    hello everyone Rico and Gemini are my buddies... this is a photo of them (kinda out of date)
  7. Pictures
    and boy is she a little snot!! She scared me half to death earlier this week. She got very lethargic, had bloody diarrhea, stopped eating, and was vomiting. I was sure she was breaking with parvo, but no, she is just loaded with hookworms, again! I've had more problems with parasites in the...
  8. Pictures
    Here is my new baby, Gemini. She just turned 10 weeks yesterday :) I think I may go gray earlier than expected, this little girl is a 'stink-pot'!!
1-8 of 8 Results