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  1. General Discussion
    Hey everyone! New to the forum. Had a question to ask in regards to my pup. I have a 1 year old brindle and the person who gave the dog to me showed me a pic of her parents. The sire is black, the dam is fawn. I've been reading a few articles and multiple ones say that a black (K) gene dog will...
  2. Bullies 101
    So this is still something I'm working on and expanding.. but it's at a point where it can be played around with by people interested in Canine color genetics. No, not all the Loci and alleles possible for every breed are listed.. I covered the ones commonly seen in the American Bully and...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi guys i'm new here, just wanted your opinions on something. I have alot of knowledge when it comes to fitness in humans and i have always been the black sheep when people start tossing around the excuses about not having the correct genetics for body building or powerlifting in humans...
  4. General Discussion
    Obviously I understand that most pit bull/ bully enthusiasts are anti merle for reasons (opinions) of inpurity. I also understand the health risks of merle/merle breedings and am not promoting them.I am curious though, the LUA Dalmatians were crossed with German Shorthair Pointers and were bred...
  5. Pictures
    I think it's pretty amazing how genetics work. This litter had 7 pups. There were two that were primary solid color, one was black and white and the other was brown and white. Both of these solid colored dogs did not have the ridge from the Rhodesian Ridgeback There were two that were just...
  6. General Discussion
    I had a pup that was given to my son as a gift from a byb and I have no problem taking her to the vet at all. She was the runt of the litter and is really smaller than her litter mates but I was wondering if everything turns out fine with the pup will her genetics kick in and she start to fill...
  7. pitbull behavior
    I was just curious, it seems like genetics play the bigger role in determining DA than raising them. My little 10 1/2 week's dad is almost 3 and he became very unfriendly with smaller dogs and extremely aggressive toward bigger dogs, especially other pitbulls. I've had 2 other pitbulls, one was...
  8. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Tuesday July 3rd at 8pm EST Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss canine genetics and BSL with the country's leading expert Dr. Kristopher Irizzary. Show segments will include: Weekly news BSL Alerts with Jodi Preis; Dogbite analysis with Jim Crosby; Fact...
  9. General Discussion
    I was wondering if you guys could help me find a good site or just have information about the breeds genetics that I could read/study for my own benefit? If you do can you please post a link or drop me a message please? Thanks :)
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    Hey, I was wondering if some of the experts on here could help me out. I understand that breeding for color isn't whats important but I am very curious. If I was to breed a Chocolate (choc nosed) with no white to a dark blue (blue nosed) with the irish spotting what could the pups potentially...
  11. General Discussion
    What is the chance of of pup once reaching maturity becoming HA if the stud that produced the pup is HA?
  12. General Discussion
    looking for info on how genetics paly a roll, how they are passed down from parents.. anything really. anyone have any good reads? thank you!
  13. Health & Nutrition
    I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!! It pertains to genetics, diversity and purebred dogs; in addition, it breaks it down and makes it simple. EXCELLENT READ! DIVERSITY AND THE PUREBRED DOG (The Poodle and the Chocolate Cake) by John Armstrong The Nature of Diversity...
  14. General Discussion
    Ok can someone give me a lesson on genetics? I would like to get some more insight on this.
  15. General Discussion
    whats the possibilty of having a natural blue colored pup out of a game bred litter now i just mean the fur if that pup is bred how dominant will his genes be that they can later produce more pups of the same color
  16. General Discussion
    I want to start learning about genetics. I will get a book soon, but in the meantime I would like to start reading some reliable material. Do any of you know a good website for the above mentioned? I am in the process of printing some info out of Rios Pit Bull Kingdom.
  17. Back to the Bullies
    Back II the Bullies Hosted by Ms Chavez and Bully The Kid Next week we will be discussing genetics, from breed mixing, to locking in traits through linebreeding, inbreeding and scatterbreeding. What actually is the result of mixing the AKC AmStaff and the UKC/ADBA Pitbull? The issue with...
  18. General Discussion
    I was skimming amazon.com for more books to read and i cma eacross some books about breeding and genetics. I didnt know which ones to buy i was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction and help me along. I am not interested in breeding as of right now, i dont even have a kennel...
1-19 of 21 Results