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  1. pitbull behavior
    Hey guys, first post on here , though someone may have dealt with this issue and could lend some expertise. I rescued 2 American staffy x red nose pits about a year ago, one black male and one red female. They were 3 months when I got them, they were very neglected and in poor living conditions...
  2. pitbull behavior
    Has anyone been successful with a gentle leader? I think it would help address problem I sometimes have while walking my dog (she will either pull ahead or get distracted and not pay attention to me). Any advice/suggestions for using it?
  3. Pictures
    So we all know Keira is great with the kids, the cats, and other dogs. But she is gentle even with the newest member of our family: Miss Marilyn Le Hamster. We got Marilyn about a week ago, and have slowly been letting Keira become acclimated to her. The first pic is from the first or second...
  4. Obedience Training
    i just wanted to know what people think about this. my aunt had got one for her bully she found on the street and i have to say the results were pretty impressive to me. i walked him with and with out the collar. and i saw a big difference. (this isnt her dog... its just a picture i found...
  5. Pictures
    I decided to let bear meet one of my hamsters, and well you can see bear dosnt mind him at all. I am proud of my boy for being so good and gentle with my hamster cookie. And when cookie went back in his cage, bear went back to sleep,
  6. General Discussion
    Our site, DrawtheDog.com, today features a cartoon inspired by Lazarus, columnist and author Julia Szabo's Pit Bull. It definitely shows the kinder and gentler side of these dogs. You can find it here: A Little Bad Weather - a Draw the Dog cartoon inspired by Lazarus of NY, NY This Friday -...
  7. Obedience Training
    So, it was recommend by a few people that I try a gentle leader or a halti on Gunny b/c the vet didn't like the prong collar. While I understand the principle of why, i'm not getting how to use the gentl leader with success. I had a halti on him and he worked the halti off in less than 2...
  8. Pictures
    The slide show is done and its up on youtube yall go check it out. Thanks to all those that helped out. If yall send me more pics ill make mor shows. Thanks again.
  9. Obedience Training
    So I bought it yesterday and it was a fight to put it on her and she ran around like a mad dog through the whole house trying to get it off. Anyway after said and done its great! she walks amazingly I actually started to smile when we walked down the road. Some people asked why are you putting a...
  10. Obedience Training
    https://www.premier.com/store/Products.aspx?cid=1&pid=1 Which one do I buy? My puppy is about 6 months and walks are terrible! she pulls and it just discourages me...I mean I try with her so hard I tried the walking back and forth I tried treats but its just not working....Will this help me for...
  11. Obedience Training
    i just bought a gentle leader recently and im STILL having problems with deagle pulling!! this is how im doing it - i get him to sit before we go and then when i start walking he walks ahead of me so i give him a tug, tell him to sit and i stop. and then i find myeslf repeating the same process...
  12. Obedience Training
    Anyone ever use it on there APBT and have any luck? We finally found the dog that fits our family, she's an adorable 11 month old fawn with ears that stick straight up. The only thing is, she pulls hard. Any ideas? thanks everyone in advance for your help.
1-12 of 14 Results