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  1. The Pitbull Lounge
    Last Thrusday,,I spoke to Shane on the phone I ordered a leash he said he was going to ship it next day,I been trying to call him and see if he shipped the leash any body speak to him.chris from ny wants to know if he shipped my Lesh
  2. General Discussion
    get a pitbul pup at 4months to old will it be hard to train i would like your opinion on this i would be greatfull for any help on this
  3. Pictures
    had some free time:hammer:
  4. General Discussion
    hey everyone, this is my 1st. post i want to know what you think of his website and these dogs http://captainkennel.altervista.org/chtila.html http://captainkennel.altervista.org/luken.html
1-4 of 4 Results