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  1. General Discussion
    I have a mom 6 years now and she is the best dog I ever had. She give birth for 2 girls the first of November and I decided to keep them. The pups were best of friends until this Monday I took them to the woods for a walk as always, a dog approach them and showed aggressive to owes my baby’s...
  2. pitbull behavior
    Four months ago I started fostering 3 pit mix puppies. I got my girls when they were 4 days old. Needless to say I'm a foster fail and have decided to keep the girls. Now that they're four months old their playing rough with each other. I don't know how to stop them from playing so rough. I try...
  3. Pictures
    Our first litter at Crimson Rock Rednose Bullys!!! We had 8, these are the 4 that will be our new family members here! These are current 5 week pic!
  4. General Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just got my first pit a week ago she's a 9 week old brindle. I had a question about her ear and I wanted to see if there was anything I could do. I got her at 8 weeks and her ears were perfect, a week later I noticed that her left one is folding inward....is this normal...
  5. Pictures
    Before I post can someone tell me if it worked I'm new and not sure how to post pictures. Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  6. pitbull behavior
    I have two pit-bull females who are about 3 years old now. They are sisters from the same liter and normally love each other. Here recently I have started having issues with them fighting and it is starting to get worse. There are normally two things that will cause them to fight; one, is when...
  7. Pictures
    Mostly pics of my main man but here's one of Em at 8 years 4 months old. The Baby Werewolf on the prowl! Pirate at 9 months. His first show will be in MI, June 1 and 2. So excited!
  8. Pictures
    Cali is the Buckskin , American staffordshire . Zoey the black and white,APBT. Sent from my iPhone using Petguide.com Free App
  9. Pictures
    If you have never experienced the beauty of the mountains in peak fall foliage here in New England then it is something to behold! I jumped in the car last Sunday and took the 2 1/2 hour drive out to the White Mountains in N.H. to see the natural beauty! Had a great day with my two favorite...
  10. Pictures
    Last week we brought her to the park and she loved it!
  11. Pictures
    The same day when we rescued them is the first pic,now after a month with us,the second pic :)
  12. Pictures
    Right now I am calling her "Not So Mini" as she was bigger than what we expected, but I am glad I wanted a bigger pony not a body without legs like some of the minis get. She is a very gorgeous Chocolate Palomino who has an excellent disposition. So this is the beginning (Sorry FB friends you...
1-12 of 111 Results