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    Well our Magnus has pretty much completely popped out of his shell and boy is he fun....he is a goofball that loves picking on my girl and playing ball. thought Id share a few pics Ill get you! Full speed ahead! he is always this far away when running unless she slows lol he hates water...
  2. Pictures
    I have tooken a couple pictures, an decided to wait til i got a decent amount to share and i did so here they are, enjpy Mr goof ball and miss diva :rofl: Mr. Goof ball.. LOL when i wrestle with him, i like to throw the covers on him an watch him go crazy to get it off weee this is fun...
  3. Pictures
    Trying to take a nap here mom........... Ahh here comes the sandman I can't sleep with that flashy thingy mom.... "rawr" Oh no... goofy human on the loose now your making us both look silly..... I'm sorry mom give me a kiss what? dog breath offends you? oh lord here she goes...
  4. General Discussion
    So today I took my dog out back and starting play fetch with her to work her a bit. She loves to play fetch. She'll go forever. Well as soon as I was done, she went over to the big water dish we have that's like 2ft round by 8in deep, and she starts drinking. Then she puts her two front paws in...
  5. Pictures
    Bowser is getting so big. :( hes not my little puppy anymore Heres some pics of him CRACKING me up..Have no idea what he was doing w his tongue HAHA Pose for the camera buddy! Show me them sexy abs lol Thanks for Lookin!
  6. Pictures
    she was channel surfin! Gotta put one of Kallie in there ;)
  7. Pictures
    Pay no mind to the pants she pulled into the crate with her. haha..bad dog! :stick:
1-7 of 7 Results