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  1. Pictures
    Since I just came back though you all would enjoy seeing Elly go from puppy to stunning young bitch. lol Here's some pics. Around 5 or 6 weeks still with breeder Around 9 weeks homecoming About 3 1/2 mo About 5 mo "Funky Growth Stage" 7 1/2 mo 9 1/2 mo 11 mo Current 1 year old
  2. Pictures
    Yesterday Sadie got to walk some trails and meet some horses. Today we went on a long, uphill hike (4 hours all together) and got to be off lead for most of it. She got to climb some boulders for the first time, and she did so great! My boyfriend had to carry her twice because she couldn't get...
  3. Pictures
    Yeah so here's an absolute ton of new pics of Indi taken yesterday. She's maturing nicely, but she is very small! Look at the pics of her on the steps, you'll see she's just a curvy little bitty girl. She is a great dog. :) Oh and for the record, for those goody goodies that would try and rip...
  4. Pictures
    This is Bailey she is my gorgeous 5 year old pittbull/staffi cross, she loves going to the beach with her mum. What ya think?? Auckland New Zealand
  5. Pictures
    Well here is my bubu looking gorgeous as always :) Hows he looking guys :) the pics look similar but oh well :) and they make him look kinda short lol
  6. Pictures
    So I have a friend who has a female tri-color red nose. Her name is Crown and she used to be best buds with ******, by pittie. They used to cuddle and play together when I lived in Arizona. She was the only one in the entire litter that was her color. The rest were completely tan. Her dad was...
  7. General Discussion
    This is Blue. His Dad Is Villian from ( www.ultimatebluepitbulls.com )
  8. General Discussion
    Man, what a gorgeous day for a walk with my two Favorite buddys. My Daughter and my dog
1-9 of 12 Results