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    :curse::mad:I want to hear my friends takes on this situation at hand. Please advise.:curse::mad: :welcome:
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    UK - Vets Tell Government To Get Rid of Breed Specific Legislation Now pitbulls in the uk are at a all time high, half of wich due to impropper breeding bad owners and uneducated public get involved in a no-mercy system, because they heard of a mates cousins uncles best friends dogs grandpup...
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    Breed Specific Legislation Costs Tax Payers Millions
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    The government is to propose banning certain individuals from owning dogs. In a proposal to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs, Agriculture Minister Eskil Erlandsson has made a four-step recommendation. Any dogs that show signs of posing a danger must be kept on a leash at all times. If this...
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    IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER WHEN CONTACTING YOUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL Points for Initial Contact with Your State Senator and Delegate: Be sure to tell them you are a dog show exhibitor/club member/judge/ hunter/intereste d dog owner. Explain to them that many dog people are judges, lawyers...
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    How did government affect you in 2006? We compiled a top 10 list of the big government decisions -- mostly local ones -- that affected our lives in 2006 and ranked them in order of importance. Do you agree? Pit bull ordinance Plenty of pit bull owners in Springfield said goodbye to the family...