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  1. General Discussion
    I took Eli to my sisters where Grace was staying while I was in hospital and settling in home ect. She heard him whimper and her ears pricked up and she ran over to the table where he was in his carseat. I grabbed her and took the blanket off so she could see him and her pupils dialated and she...
  2. General Discussion
    Cyris is the old APBT we have. It's all fine but Grace is acting WEIRDDDD. Even today she has her hair on her back up tail wagging, I don't think she can tell weather he is a boy or a girl, hes been spay. She'll lick his pee pee and get chattery jaw and dribbles then she'll try humping him, and...
  3. Pictures
    Whoopsie Grace. This is what she done to my sisters door LOL all i could do was laugh. I went to visit her and she must have just done it she was shaking and oh so sincere, shes so bored on heat. Cant wait to get her home with me.
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Im in a panic ATM, my partner STUPIDLY bred Stage with a bitch I had no control over the situation as Stage is originally Adams dog, the bitch whelped 11 puppies less than two weeks ago, 7 have died (one today) I need to go get these puppies and save them, he is homeless and lives in his car...
  5. Pitbull Articles
    Shelby's Grace - The Book | Pit Bull | American Pit Bull Terrier | Pit Bulls | Dog Books | Books About Dogs | Dog Lovers From abuse to therapy dog. Sounds like an interesting book. Anyone read it? A little taste of the book: Abandoned hungry, hurting and scared, chained in a gas station, I...
  6. The Pitbull Lounge
    there's a pit bull case starting on nancy grace right now on fox. not sure how it's going to turn out or if it's even worth watching. just thought people would be curious to see what kind of light it puts on us.
  7. General Discussion
    She is doing it again! She is on tv degrading our pits. A little child had 4 toes taken off by a PUPPY! Read the news. I hate that woman! I know there will be a lot of responses. Please fill post with info and responses.
1-7 of 11 Results