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  1. Pictures
    Meet Gracie, 13 week old and weighing 15 lbs! I love our rescue pup!
  2. Misc. Dog Activities
    I have been looking online and can't seem to fine one that I like. My ideal backpack would be lightweight, not bulky, and would have various pockets on either side instead of one large pocket on each side. I don't want it to hang down real low either. Gracie and I take some really long walks...
  3. Pictures
    Her nose gets hot pink in the cold weather :) Before and After
  4. Pictures
    I only introducted her to this the day i recorded it. Yes its a raggity ball, but its her fav! I need to get the spring back up, as my brother in laws APBT broke it. Excuse the lawnmower
  5. Pictures
    Just the usual monthly update :) Every pic i take seems to have sticky up ear as shes looking up hehe :woof:
  6. Pictures
    her sister in behind us :) thanks for looking!
  7. Pictures
    Just some updated pics of the little terror :) (mind the kids hair, her and my neice decided to make flour water glue and put it in their hair) :woof:
  8. General Discussion
    Im so proud of my girl! She took 1st in 3-6month pup, and then took Best Puppy of show. And my boy Stage got 1st 3+ male novice! Im waiting for friends to upload pics but here is her trophy and certs :) And thank you Deb for the advice on SeaLegs, it worked perfect, no spews all day :)
  9. Pictures
    Ive been on holiday so got to spend lots of time with my girl :D She is 5 months next week alreay!! Thanks for looking :)
  10. Pictures
    I cant do it! lol, i tryed last night but i guess its ok for her first time. Tips would be appreciated! Stage wont even stand by himself haha The flash is horrible on black dogs, can see all gracies scars from stage.
  11. General Discussion
    So i feel like a bad mummy! My pup Gracie is staying with my mum until i move this weekend, she has beent here 3 weeks now (as i live in an appartment), i had her for the weekend, sneeked her into the appartment LOL. All she done was slept, i think it is because at my mums and sisters where she...
  12. Pictures
    Hey guys, i finally got some pics of Gracie, these are pics of her at her first Pitbull show :) such a hard life being a puppy oneo f our boy stage he is 5 now :) came 3rd in his class at the show as hes a little heavy atm haha this is a copy of gracies ped, her actually ped is being done...
  13. Pictures
    Xelda: Our chosen name Gracie: Her previous name WhiteCastle: Place we love and had to stop and eat on our trip to get her since we don't have one near us LOL First is a baby picture from when her previous owner first got her when she was just 6 months.
  14. Pictures
    the one to your left is our trainers dog, he is also a razoredge dog, but at only 6 months and he is already bigger than gracie, which she is a year and a half.
  15. Pictures
    SPAM. :D lol. the porch spy. :D I ain't spyin'! beautiful girl. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right...
  16. General Discussion
    Rebel X Gracie pups are here ++UPDATED++ And doing well. They weighed in at 12oz when born and as of today range from 23-28oz so growing well. We had 3 males and 2 females MALE 1 MALE 2 MALE 3
  17. General Discussion
    She is 5 weeks going on 6 and really starting to show. Full of little REBEL pups!
1-18 of 18 Results