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    Dog walks in owner's place in graduation | News - Home Dog walks in owner's place in graduation By Chris Cole POSTED: 01:26 PM MDT May 12, 2014 UPDATED: 01:39 PM MDT May 12, 2014 POCATELLO, Idaho - Commencement is always a special time, but for one family, Saturday's Idaho State University...
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    Alice has been attending dock jumping classes for the past 6 weeks, she still isn't ready to even swim willingly, so I don't think it's her thing. But it was really good exposure to work on her dog-dog issues. I'll be getting her a weight pulling harness sometime this summer, I think she'll...
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    Dozer graduated from his intermediate training class last night at Petsmart. Here are a few pics of him. Next is his K-9 good citizen test :woof:
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    Bruno and Mona. It went from wanting to eat each other.....To this.... Ok....Maybe Bruno still wanted to eat her...But she did initiate it first... Bruno Mona I look awful in this pic
1-4 of 5 Results