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    Bert Sorrells passed within the past few days. Details are slim but I’ve got the information from legitimate sources and it was posted by SDJ on FB this morning. RIP to a great dogmas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They are inseparable...
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    Hey, pack members! I regretfully inform everyone of the loss of another Great dog man. He was a member on the forum here for a very long time, even though he hadn't posted in quite some time. For the elders in the pack, Marty offered great advice, and had one the most well know dogs in the dog...
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    Recently my dog was experiencing skin irritations due to allergies, I wrote a post asking if anyone knew of any great shampoos that are natural and easy on the skin and a member, 3fetchers recommended a shampoo from EQyss which is a company that makes products for horses but they also have a...
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    and remember to keep all the service men and women in your thoughts:clap:
  6. Adopt a Bulls
    Hey guys, I'm not much of a forum type but I started fostering a one year old pitbull named Joey not too long ago. I would love for him to end up in a forever home that will take great care of him. He's up to date on all his shots and has been neutered. He also just graduated from adult basic...
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    my dog got over the fence and went after a great dane. and i ran out and he kinda had him by the neck. he never did this he is fine when he is on the lease. i just had a cop at the door telling me to make sure the dog dont go after people which he wont, i might have to rehome him,.
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    There Is a Cure for Parvo, and It's All Thanks to... Geese? - The BarkPost
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    I have the opposite kind of dog! Xena is a butthead at home, an angel in public! Everyone says, look how calm and obedient she is, I try to tell them it's because she gets it all out of her system and home and they don't believe me :P The staff at our vet's office just adore her and how calm she...
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    Proud of my state. HumaneWatch | Oklahoma to Investigate HSUS
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    I went to get my dogs rabies shots done since they were due. The vet asst who was doing the history and filling out my proof of shots put color/pattern as bluenose ,breed as pitbull. I told her that neither one of those entries were correct but she argued for a good 10 min with me that he is not...
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    Last monday I was walking my dog early in the morning when suddenly a man opens his door and a Great Dane came out running in our direction! I was petrified as The Great Dane was looking into my eyes while running :( As a lot of people here walk their small dog without leash my dog always wear a...
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    Thx. AMES!! It actually started some conversations this morning!! [IMG]http://i1364.photobucket.com/albums/r731/whitltng/Wes/IMAG0693_zpsb632016b.jpg[/IMG]
  15. Authorized Breeders
    As those of you that know me know I try and keep up with most dogs down from mine. Well there is a lady that has a grand pup of one of my offspring and she is trying to sell him. He is very nicely bred mostly T-N-T with a few outs from falin blood and a couple others. Hes a sweet dog will be...
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    We had such a great day today. Dosia was hesitant at first, as were a few other dogs with this new dock, but all and all it was a great day for us. Dosia earned his SPD title today, brought home some pretty ribbons, and made it into the finals tomorrow :woof: I could not be prouder right now. I...
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    Chucky is finally grasping the concept of how to play fetch. DSC_0605 by JC2133, on Flickr DSC_0616 by JC2133, on Flickr DSC_0608 by JC2133, on Flickr
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    I joined a training group here locally off of Craigslist last July ( I think was about the time). A local GSD Kennel decided to host Sierra Canine ( Trainers who do bite work) and offer OB as well. As most of you know I own dogs from Lisa who titles many of her dogs in SCH (now called IPO). I...
  19. Bullies 101
    So here is my boy Bowser. Currently he is 9 months old. He is very muscular as you can see in the pics. I have his sire's pedigree. I only have pictures of his dam and I have seen her. But I want to know what you guys think of it. You can see my girl Bleu also in the pics. And the pedigree...
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    Warning: the video below will likely contain too much excitement for most people!