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  1. Pictures
    Blue River's The Goat..... Had to show off the #1 Shorty Bull in the ABKC as well as the #1 dog overall. As y'all know he is owned by my boss, Bully the Kid, but he got to stay with his Aunt Lauren and Hurricane a few weeks..... man i got so attached to him lol.... there will be a Goat Junior...
  2. Pictures
    Earl's OFA results came back today in the MAIL. Hips GOOD! Elbows NORMAL! Best thing about it, it under is ADBA registration number!!!! I knew they would come back positive and I'm sure everyone involved with Earl knew it was going to be positive, but having the OFA listed under his ADBA number...
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    I post this evey year. It's the greatest Christmas video of all time!
  4. Pictures
    man my buddy took this pic at just the right time lol
  5. General Discussion
    on January 2007, 22 pit bull terriers, formerly belonging to Michael Vick found safe haven at Best Friends Animal Societies sanctuary in Southern Utah. The footage in this video was filmed by their caregivers over the last two years and shows the transformative power of love.
  6. General Discussion
    So here is the story. Went up to the sand dunes this weekend for my girlfriends family function. We are sitting in the garage Saturday night when the topic of "Oh Jay has a pitbull and its here". Now keep in mind that I know maybe one person in this group of 20. So I keep my mouth shut to hear...
  7. General Discussion
    i love this site, i found it like 5 days ago and it makes my boring desk job go by soooo much faster... THANKS!!! lol
1-8 of 14 Results