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  1. BSL Discussion
    House bill attacks biting dogs, not breeds Ohio proposal has support of wardens, animal-rights groups BY JIM PROVANCE BLADE COLUMBUS BUREAU CHIEF COLUMBUS -- Dog wardens and animal-rights supporters joined forces Wednesday to promote a bill they said will provide tools to battle dogs that bite...
  2. General Discussion
    Why is it so hard to find some bully groups that have shows out of Michigan? We have alot of beautiful dogs over here. Come on West Michigan lets do some shows or group meets! If you are from the West Michigan I would love to hear from you.
  3. General Discussion
    Assessment of Canine Temperament in Relation to Breed Groups Scot E. Dowd Ph.D. In case some of you have not read this yet, thought it might come in handy in disagreements. http://www.pitbullproject.ca/CanineBehavior.pdf...
  4. General Discussion
    Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums - Social Groups This section of the board just doesn't get enough attention, it's kinda hard to find. Check em out next time you getta chance, might be something on there geared towards yer liking.
  5. General Discussion
    so wtf guys? what happened why aren't we socializing? these groups are great for meeting and networking with eachother and making life a little bit easier for people sharing a common interest- for the dogs, for other hobbies interests- trade skills and crafts, make some $, make friends this...
  6. Jokes and Funny Stuff
    1. In the bowl. (A good foundation, but important to supplement with other groups.) 2. Off the table. (Most varied group, but best eaten when no one is looking.) 3. On the floor. (A nutritious way to snack between meals.) 4. Grass - taken at least once a day to enable vomit activity. (Vomit...
  7. Events, Results & Photos
    i would like to meet up with pitbull owners in the philly area to hang out and talk about the breed.
  8. Positive Pitbull News
    NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - Eleven dog advocacy groups asked a federal judge to send Michael Vick to prison for nearly five years when the quarterback is sentenced and to turn the property he and others used for dogfighting into a shelter for abused dogs. The group, which includes animal rescue...
  9. BSL Discussion
    A new organization wants to take the bark and bite out of Arkansas pit bull bans. The group, Responsible Owners of Arkansas Dogs say cities with, or considering pit bull bans could be facing legal action. Responsible Owners Of Arkansas Dogs, ROADs, says banning pit bull is unconstitutional and...
1-9 of 11 Results