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    atlas is 61 pounds at 6 months.just wondering if to much weight on a puppy is bad
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    8 months being lazy.
  3. Pictures
    Just some fun shots from playtime today in the yard. Click on the first image to see if the slideshow works...let me know if it doesn't. :/ (the slideshow is really pointless and doesn't work how I wanted it o, so I'll add some reg. pics.
  4. Pictures
    Well baby girl is 12weeks old. I can't believe how fast times goes. She is so full of life. She is smart just has trouble keeping her body from wigglying. She has sit down really well i ask her to do it anyplace her but in down. Working on a lay but her but comes off the floor when I drag...
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Has anyone seen this? My friend, pup, and I leave obed. class yesterday and on the way home some random guy at the store saw me w/ my pup and wanted to show me his and I swear this dog looked BAD! And not like the good-bad either. Khaoz is 4mo and about 27-28lbs and the other pup was apparently...
  6. Pictures
    As some of you know my son got a pup in Sept a little rescue. We still have no idea what breeds he is but he sure is cute. He isn't very big about 14in and maybe 25#. My son is thinking about doing flyball with him in dec. I love this picture. I think it would make a good calander shot.
  7. Health & Nutrition
    My little girl Aysa is now finally a woman. Today was her first day of "womanhood" She is a year and 5 months old and I have been keeping her away from all men for the last week, because I have been paprnoid about "mistakes". Her sister Lil Bit should be coming into her 2nd heat any day now...
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  10. Pictures
    So I am always taking pics of my pups after all they are only puppies once.
  11. General Discussion
    Hoping that with the wealth of personal experience you guys have, you may have some ideas about how much growing would be expected. My girl is 4months and a week, 16 kilos.... not 100 per cent on her "mix"? I am in the uk and nervous on that issue.
  12. Health & Nutrition
    Awhile ago i posted a thread about leahs size. till this day she still looks as if she was 5 or 6 months old. shes gaining no height. but she does look built. both of her sisters are probably 2-3X the size of her. shes been eating fine and everything just dont know where it all is going to or...
  13. Pictures
    Sandor is now 10 months old. He is the apple of my eye. Y'all gotta admit he is pretty. ;-) Look at this smile! Down!
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    They are nothing but trouble. But it keeps me on my toes. I absolutely love them.
  15. The Pitbull Lounge
    :cry: i love onyx to death!!!!!!! but i really miss when we first got him he was so small i remember the entire car ride home he cried and howeld it was so cute he was first born and the biggest puppy in the litter but he really was tiny though i could fit him in the bathroom sink. i also miss...
  16. General Discussion
    as some of you know i got a new pit puppy not that long ago and named him onyx. just an update. he is getting too big too fast!! i know this is expected but i love the puppy stage but i cant wait to see him full grown. well i have a few questions. is it normal for a puppy tio get pimples cuz he...
  17. Pictures
    Well DaVinci is around 12 weeks old now. He is a very good pup. Mikado and Chalice have taken a real liking to him. He is doing well in Puppy class. He was one of three that came when called. There are 12 dogs in the class with DaVinci being the youngest.
  18. General Discussion
    hello, im new to the site as of last week but ive got a question to ask. Diva is almost 15 weeks old now and ive had her for about 3 of them. this is the first bull ive raised from a puppy this young and i was wondering if you guys/gals can give me some insight as to high she is developing...
81-98 of 98 Results