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    my lil stinker is growing by the day, I swear... MINI DOMINO
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    We wanted to show you all pics of Viper here as he grows up. What better way to share with follow members. Here is a pic of him before we picked him up. Here he is at 9 weeks. Here he is at 10 weeks. Here he is at 11 weeks. Here he is at 12 weeks. Here he is at...
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    Finally decided to do a progress thread of our new girl so here we go @8weeks (1st week we got her) @9weeks She's put some good weight on and came out her shell a lot now she just a big ball of energy !! @10 weeks she drug it home ! @11 weeks toys holding well for now ! Sent from...
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    His big brother, Diesel (the dane) and him are inseperable, so he'll be in some of the pictures. The last picture is 2 weeks short of 4 months old. Don't mind the face he somehow accomplished in that picture. No lazy eye or heavy eye lid, LOL, just bad timing! He's growing like a...
1-4 of 5 Results