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  1. Obedience Training
    Hi, I want to choose a dog appropriate for guarding and protecting a property. I need my guard dog to be friendly with me but aggressive with the stranger.If the dog needs much attention , so is not the best choice for me. I found some relavant blog posts about guard dogs on petstylist.ir but...
  2. General Discussion
    This is why I love my dog, and things like this always make me teary eyed. Such a beautiful story Dog stands guard over deceased owner?s grave for six years | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  3. General Discussion
    Yesterday I was talking to a lady who is also a pitbull owner and she told me that female dogs are better guard dogs. Is it true ?
  4. Health & Nutrition
    Hi I'm new to the forum n I'm trying to figure out what's the dose for a 65 pound 10 month old pit using safe guard horse paste? Please help I know I should of got the cattle one but all my feed stores around me just have the horse paste kind.
  5. Health & Nutrition
    do safe guard paste http://www.cattlestore.com/p-371-int...ard-paste.aspx. do it do the same as ivomec
  6. Pictures
    So my brother and a bunch of his friends were downstairs and bear got into guard mode. My little protector only now if i let him go downstairs he will turn into a butt wiggler :rofl:
  7. General Discussion
    So all my other dogs will have no problem with people comming in the house the most loki or luna or pep would ever do is jump on them to lick them and get attention I thought cali would be like this until last weekend. My boyfriend "CAli 2 BC " Had set up a fishing trip with his friends and...
  8. BSL Discussion
    Guarding the Guard Dogs?Are you a dog "owner"-or a dog "guardian"? By Jon Katz Last month, In Defense of Animals, a California-based animal rights organization, sent me some materials about its "Guardian Campaign." A polite letter complimented me on my most recent book, then requested that I...
  9. General Discussion
    I'll preface this with a few things and hope I get helpful answers and not negative replies. 1. I know that there is a training section but I don't know where to put it. I'm not talking obedience or anything as in depth as shutzhund. Feel free to move this if there is an area I didn't see, I'm...
  10. General Discussion
    So I know alot of people have chained up dogs outside and thats where I plan to put meek but it will be on a cable run so he can move about and eventually I will add on to go to shows and work with and they will have the same set up. But here is the question??? Do any of you have guard dogs...
  11. General Discussion
    My Pup Jet (you can check him out on my profile) hes 4.5 months old. I live on 5 acres that are wire fenced. I have coyotes that come to eat my cats food and raccoons that eat my cats also. one Minor reason i got my dog was to be intimidating to those creatures so they wouldn't come on my...
  12. General Discussion
    I need some really good info on this thread so if you want to get a better feel for it see this link http://www.gopitbull.com/general-discussion/9925-guard-dog-vs-ha.html. Okay so I live in the ATL I don't stay in the hood, but a lot of people try to act like it is. I have had a few problems...
  13. Obedience Training
    how does someone teach guard dog training or is this one of those things that come naturally
  14. General Discussion
    Okay so my neibor/ hair braider recently got a pitbull/ mastiff mix. She was just like a lot of people with new puppies and said " I dont want anyone to touch him, or be around him so he could make a good guard dog for my family." Now this lady is not stupid, just a little confuse about dog...
1-15 of 25 Results