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  1. Vendor Deals
    Check out this Gift Guide from PetGuide.com - perfect for that special pooch or kitty in your life! https://www.petguide.com/products/dog/gift-guide-must-have-essentials-for-the-holidays/
  2. Obedience Training
    First of all, you need to consider how big your puppy will get. A few boxes of dogs as a puppy before it gets more and not buying a dog crate fit your puppy is better to buy the full size. It's small, and you crate your puppy or your puppy inside the box is a good idea to restrict the space of...
  3. General Discussion
    I don't get how this national study guide for the entire country could be so discriminatory and promoting breed discrimination. This was from Thomas Jefferson Junior High in Woodridge, IL and the company is Study Island This is one of their questions on their site! If you could email them to...
  4. General Discussion
    ears Simple as that! Instead of hot glue use super glue for the popsicle stick to foam. Just used this method for Sadie's to get rid of a few wrinkles in the ears. Only took 3 days of it being on then use vaseline to remove the glue as it brakes it down. Takes second to post no tape .easy and...
  5. General Discussion
    Fido Casting Call - Vote for Biggie Smalls in the Fido Casting CallTM - Click the link here to vote. I have entered my little bulldog Biggie Smalls in a contest that will also help with Dog Guides. If you have time, please help out by voting. You can vote once a day and every vote will count...
  6. General Discussion
    saw tis on difernt site i think its a good one ********************************************************** So I was thinking if we can put together a guide on how to chose a pup > > As far as how to choose the best pup out of a litter >> > > What to look for on conformation ,drive ext. I know...
  7. The Pitbull Lounge
    Artery .................................................. The study of paintings Benign ............................................... What you are after you be eight Bacteria ............................................. Back door to the school lunchroom Barium...
  8. The Goldmine
    Pretty good guide for pups and adult dogs. Annualized Protocols-Canine
  9. The Goldmine
    Dog Heatstroke Survival Guide Know how to treat and prevent this dangerous condition. (Robert Newman) What is heatstroke? In simple terms, heatstroke occurs when a dog loses its natural ability to regulate its body temperature. Dogs don't sweat all over their bodies the way humans do. Canine...
  10. General Discussion
    So this morning before leaving for work I took out the pups for one last bathroom break. While out in the court yard in front of my house I am meet by two hoods doing grounds work. They comming running up to me and are like nice dogs and then start with all their awsome questions.. The...
  11. Obedience Training
    has anyone ever thought about making a sticky with like a guide on ways to teach your dog/puppy new tricks? i've been wondering how you would get a dog to learn to speak O_O if anyone knows please share !
1-11 of 15 Results