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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    there is just too much out there ive been looking for a whole year now and i know i want a dog from a good breeder who gives a damn about the breed. i want me an APBT, ive got three producers im looking at i want my dog to run with me and i really want to dive into obedience and agility. i hate...
  2. Bloodline Discussion
    This is Bubbles! Humane Society said she’s a Pitbull mix who is 5 months and was admitted in April. But people are telling me she’s too small to be 5 months. She has big paws and big ol head. What do you guys think? Is she younger than 5? And what other breed do you see? Thank you!
  3. General Discussion
    Don't mind my big head in the pic. Jace seems to be getting a lot bigger fast lol. Anyway I got him some really nice bones from the pet store a few days ago. He actually dug into the covers behind my back and buried the bone behind me lmao. Anyway pics of him sleeping but I have noticed his...
  4. Pictures
    Do you think my pup looks like a pit the guy I bought it from said he is mum and dad looked like pits Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. Pictures
    Hey guys!!! I am sure there's a ton of new guys here who don't know me! Hi I am Holly... I own lot's of dogs! =D I'll do a second thread with the rest of the yard. :) I added some new guys to the yard I though some of you guys might like! I picked up a pair of brothers that I am in love with...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    I have a female red nose which is 10 months and weighs 24.4 kg(53LBS) I feed her acana puppy and junior but I wonder whether should I feed her acana puppy large? Puppy and junior states is for dog weight in maturity up to 25 kg. thanks in advance!
  7. Health & Nutrition
    Hi All First post on here, i have a Blue nose male named Loki born November 2nd 2015...he had his ears cropped feb 9 2016 and had the stiches removed feb 20. As you can see his ears are short (i asked for a short crop and looks more like he got a battle crop) and they aren't floppy however they...
  8. General Discussion
    This Landlord Will Only Rent To Tenants Who Have Pit Bulls I don't live in Rhode Island though. This just popped up on my Facebook feed and made me soo happy. I love reading these types of things :D
  9. Pictures
    I'm hoping he stays in the medium range he's 3 months
  10. Bloodline Discussion
    I've been reading alot lately about breeds and how some dogs are this and that and this and that. I THINK my dog is full APBT but i may be wrong, and i want to hear from some people who may be more educated on the subject than me! The one with the white face is my dog (Joker) i am going to post...
  11. General Discussion
    are there any game dog guys in Vegas??
  12. Pictures
    Her name is roxy, roxy maloo, rox a box, and rox... She's extremely submissive, and would never hurt a fly unless that fly is hurting me... Take her on red river gorge trips, no leash necessary and never leaves my sight and she loves every minute of it... I didnt know a damn thing about this dog...
  13. General Discussion
    ok there is a dog event next month, its going to be at a pool, which she loves the pool so thats a big reason i want to go, there will be contests, cutest and ugliest dog etc and also different vendors, gypsy loves playing with dogs, but i dont know any dogs that are safe to play with around...
1-14 of 212 Results