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  1. General Discussion
    think? On my sisters lab board the people there say you should only walk a pupy of 3monthes of age for no more than 15 min. a day. If you have an 8 week old pup you should walk in at all. I say let the pup be your jugde. Does it want to walk or not. I never really walked Chalice per say but she...
  2. Pictures
    My dog Xotchil 3 months old Xotchil's Sister Chevy also at 3 months Both of them together Bro and Sis Tell me what you guys think Thanks Marco
  3. General Discussion
    Hey what do you guys think of these pits?? There bodies arent to big, kind of resembles what a real APBT should look like
  4. General Discussion
    It's me... and I know it has been a while. We're all still here and kickin. I recently lost a few friends and have been slammed with work so that's why ya'll haven't seen me nosing around as much! I have a more recent picture of Neela and a couple of some pups that I'm supposed to pick from...
  5. General Discussion
    after searching i think i might of found a pup i seen this little guy at shelter petfinder.com and i filled out a app. i hope get him.
  6. Health & Nutrition
    i been feeding them some raw chicken , stake also some rice but mostly i give them dog food Eukanuba customized nutrition what is the best brand to give them or should i stick with the raw food diet only. thanks guys
  7. General Discussion
    I can't stay long I'm at the library, I stopped to see how you guys have been doing. Zildjian is HUGE as always He now weighs 68lbs at 8 months. heh. Well I miss you guys and ill be sure to stop by again with pictures tho!!
  8. General Discussion
    Sorry i ain`t been around much, but what with work and the recent Pit hysteria over here, it ain`t been easy. A couple of interesting developments concerning BSL have taken place. The scummy RSPCA and Police which seized 16 Pits in Merseyside lost the case and all 16 were returned!:cheers...
  9. General Discussion
    Just wanted to say hi and show you some pics of our walk today. Hope everyone had a great weekend. C-ya next week.
  10. Health & Nutrition
    well which one is the best
  11. General Discussion
    Hi Guys As i am a first time bullie owner I was wondering if u guys had any advice for me. Storm is 5 weeks old , so he will be joining my family in one week . I would like a few tips on things i could do to start him off on the right foot so to speak . I have read various articles on what to...
  12. General Discussion
    :woof: what you all think My aunt is going on vaction and needs sitter you think RoCkee will do ok with his cousin bichons ???? they get along great supervised never left them unsupervised before cause id have to leave them all alone while at work Hmmmmmmmmmm:confused:
201-212 of 212 Results