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    Hades at 8 weeks old
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    Meet my blue boy, Hades (Pic heavy!) I told you guys that I would be getting my pup soon, and now I have him. I present to you, Hades! Lazy bum lol.. Best friends forever! Saying hi! He's going to be a beast!
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    This is my RazorsEdge Old family red boy Hades now at 10 months old, this is a big beautiful boy who has proven himself in the show ring for the first time in Tampa Florida this past month winning 2nd over all in his class hope you enjoy!!
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    My friends dog - Allie is a 1.5 year old husky. Hades - 5.5 months old It has been 100 degrees or hotter so the dogs have not been outside much. We let them out to play for a little bit. Here is a short video of the fun :) same video, just choose the one you prefer
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    My pup Hades at the dog park playing iin the water for the first time.
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    He is now 5 months old and approx 45lbs
1-6 of 6 Results