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    Louie is so picturesque I figured I'd take some photos of him in the working harness that just come in the mail today. I'm glad I got this to start Louie off with pulling cause he freaked when that chain started making noises. Helps me keep more control of him.
  2. Pictures
    (For those who've never met Rascal) Meet Rascal! He is the head member of a group that i created called Go Puppy! © The group is basically a huge family pack that includes all kinds of puppies, and felines. Something that draws in little kid's attention. Rascal is a 10 week old, Buckskin...
  3. Pictures
    ok ok so I have been saying how awesome y'all's pics are and we finally got snow last night, not much only about an inch but it still covered everything. Here are a few pics and vids of the boys in the snow :D This was last night when it started about 11pm - hahah DWB did not know what to...
  4. General Discussion
    I love that I got back onto this site, Im still learning a lot. Thank you guys so much for just sharing your experiences with each other. I feel like I just got Layla for the first time again. Im making all these plans for us and its just awesome. Thanks again everyone.....
  5. General Discussion
    the other day me and royce were walking to blockbuster which is about a mile from my house. its located in the middle of a plaza with a target and other clothing stores.while we were walking a lady with a large poodle was walking towards us. once she noticed me walking royce she yells is that a...
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    this guy is hilarious
  7. Pictures
    my friend downloaded an app for his iPhone called juxtapose....and this what he made
1-7 of 9 Results