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    Well, my boy got his haircut! Now he looks like a bully instead of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. JK Before: After: He finally made it into Kangol's chair. Bobo is all "WTF! This ish is not going to fly!" Shox is definitely giving him a run for his money, but he's loving it!
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    So last wednesday Ozai got his ears cropped! The doc that a friend recommended to us was about an hour away so we went with him, very happy with the results! He got his ears re-taped Saturday and we got to see them, they are already standing and look really good can't wait to see them again on...
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    Er...yeah, so I guess everyone hates me because I'm a smart ass. Go figure! I'm posting these out of SPITE! Bah! Hehehe... >:) Indi holdin down the Jeep
1-3 of 4 Results