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    Hi Guys, just an update on our boy Hammer, he is 13 months old now and looking good, doing great with obedience training and as soon as he is 18 months, gonna start with agility...
  2. Pictures
    Hi Everyone! Happy New Year to all of you! May your dogs bring you lots of joy this year!! Here is some more pics of Hammer! Here he was 5 months old!
  3. Pictures
    This is Hammer... he is allmost 6 months old... and the most amazing dog we ever had... his friends are 3 Yorkies and a Min Pin....
  4. General Discussion
    wow is all i have to say... :flush::flush::flush::flush:
  5. Pictures
    just a quick pic of my boy. garner/jeep bloodline more pics coming....
1-5 of 8 Results