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    Veronica received a gift from a secret admirer...which resulted in about 15 minutes of fun...we stretched it out by incorportaint some :leave it" exercises...then zhu zhu bit the dust. :o Pit Bull vs. Zhu Zhu Hamster - YouTube
  2. Pictures
    i was cleaning out twisters cage, an i left cali in charge of watching her, an she did a great job, made sure twister didnt try to jump off the shelf, when she got to the edge cali pushed her back, what a great gurl :) i ended up getting some pictures after and a short video
  3. General Discussion
    Ok, i don't want to sound weird, but i think its already to late...lol Have any of you used those waterbottles that are like the one you use for hamsters? They are a lot bigger of course. I saw some at the feed store and i was wondering if that will help with the problem i'm having with the...