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    We see a lot of Hanging and Tagged papers under the Breed American Pit Bull Terriers. It really need to stop. When you Cross dogs you have to change the breed name. Everything is not the American Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit Terriers. Real American Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit...
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    No animals were harmed during the rios pacquaio fight! Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    went out to my gmas for Mothers Day and a couple of my cousins brought their dogs.. littermates to Diesel.. had i known they would bring them i would have brought Diesel to come hang out... you'll probably wonder how Diesel was part of the litter.. lol the big boy w/ the half white face is...
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    Currently reading the manual to my camera, and just playing around with the pics a bit. thanks for looking :) and took a couple the other day outside with the sports auto mode, sorry guys i hadn't started reading the manual yet.. lmao! and a cutie for good measure
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    APBCdogs.com>> September 11th, Dedication show, weightpull, hang >"Bullies for Heros" FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT http://http://www.meetup.com/TheBullyMeet/calendar/14007421/
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    me and my chopanator he actually stayed that way for about 5 or so minutes. he was pretty comfy
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    I got tanks Head 2 weeks ago Just random Pics
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    found this on another forum its really cool i think, u can make anything u want :) http://diy.despair.com/motivator.php
1-8 of 10 Results