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  1. Pictures
    Heres our pup Karma about 5 months old hanging out after playing in a kiddie pool for the first time Sent from my SM-G925P using Tapatalk
  2. General Discussion
    Came across this interview with ed.crenshaw very interesting take on paper hanging and especial on the lightner, colby and a few other peoples dogs and pedigrees. Quite bad quality but i think its worth the listen.... here is the link, enjoy for the ones who haven't heard it..
  3. General Discussion
    I boat many toys to put on something high like tree for example and my dog can jump bite and hanging No meter what I boat It wasn't strong enough to Cary her ); Any suggestions ?? Sent from Petguide.com Free App
  4. General Discussion
    just asking now so dont noone blo a gasket.back when carver and some old dogmen did it i understand or i hope it was done to cover up the make up of the dog so noone could see how(or why) the dog was as good as it was,but as i read now its like they were crooks tring to beef up the dogs make...
  5. Pictures
    Local park a couple blocks from my house. Boy, was it a mess when we got there! :curse: Teens need to go back to school.. they can't help leaving cups and trash all over the playground. My daughter and I cleaned it up before we left. Here are some pics! I always get the cutest pics on my...
  6. Pictures
    It's so nice out we skipped all the hard workouts and went for a nice hike in the woods around the cemetary I frequent. I took some great shots so I wanted to share! Bella goes nuts in the woods and tries to climb trees after squirrels. She jumps up about 7 feet and screeches trying to get at...
  7. Pictures
    Zoe totally loves to play dress up!
  8. Pictures
    Here is a photo of a few puppies from a breeding several yrs ago. :)
  9. Pictures
    Max on the springpole Happy boy! Rage's turn Happy Girl! Even Copper can hang with the best Teheheh the look on his face is priceless Sleeping with your nose to the ground
  10. General Discussion
    i understand that paper hanging in all forms is bad. but why are apbt fanciers so quick to blame paper hanging on the bully world. as if it doesnt happen in the ukc, adba, aadr, or any established pitbull registries. many upon many fabled gamedogs are rumored to have false papers. just as its...
  11. Bloodline Discussion
    did I say that right? Paper hanging? I hear it alot on here...what is this? and what do i look for next time I go to by my male pup so I can avoid this?
  12. Pictures
    Just some pics we took this week.. Nina did not feel modely i guess... lol King of the bed I guess that makes her princess! lol I love my baby.. aww... On the way to the vet.. it's like she knows haha Chillaxin' by the pool..
  13. Bloodline Discussion
    I have been doing a lot of reading on here and see all sorts of people arguing over what dog is a true APBT and so on. I have noticed people talking about "Hanging Papers". What exactly does that mean? Anyone care to explain? Thanks Dave
  14. General Discussion
    just hangin out tracking done tracking, rico is making sure rex got everything lol doing some heeling a buddy of mine and his am bulldog pup another APBT rex doing his thing couple of vids
  15. Pictures
    this was taken at the back part of my buildings basement where usually me and my buddys take our dogs to play there day have a nice area to play and run around so i decidedto take some pics of them heres my friend joseph with his 2 dogs PAPI is the black and white & FELONY is the white and...
  16. Pictures
    We didn't do much today, lol. It was a lazy day. Here are some randoms. Enjoy
  17. Pictures
    Rage on her spring pole little video of rage on her pole just chilling and looking for ants to eat now after playing why hello there!!! Max's turn to play Max talking smack
  18. Pictures
    Here are some random pics of Boaz at 6 weeks...he is now 9 lbs and growing.:woof: http:// http:// http://
  19. Pictures
    Here some pics of Titus & Vito hanging 10 or trying to. (P.S) Sorry for the cut off pics. Up! up! and away!! And now Vito's turn! Hope you enjoyed.....rob
1-19 of 22 Results