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  1. Pictures
    My boy has come a long way in the past year!! From skin in bones to handsome hunk!
  2. Pictures
    So, I posted pics of my puppy, but never posted pics of Harley (aside from his before/after pics) so....here ya' go!! Thanks for looking at my sweet boy!!
  3. Pictures
    While on the nearly week long honeymoon with the new wife, some good friends of ours were nice enough to watch our two mutts. They have a little 8 week old pit(?), Harley. They were able to snap some pictures of them all together! Mine is Mr. 2, the brindle (a bit over 8 months), wife's is...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    Happy birthday a day late! [its more of a suprise that way]
  5. General Discussion
    I just found out from my sister that Marley's brother passed away 2 days ago. :( Poor boy was having seizures and joint problems so he had to be PTS. He was a lot bigger than Marley I'd say around 80lbs. So now Marley and his sister Gretta ( my moms dog ) are the only ones left. At least he had...
  6. Pictures
    Took the pups with me to my grandmas place so they can work off some of the extra pounds they have gain. remember Rosie our sickly lil pup well shes doing alot better pretty pretty princess has to take a break lmao grass was higher then her go bunny go...hop de hop omg bella's moving...
  7. General Discussion
    Just got a phone call from her and she told me Cree was a little apprehensive at first with the flood of attention from all of the people, but he quickly got in the swing of things and is having a grand ol time... HarleyD also informed me that she stopped paying attention to Cree... and he peed...
  8. Pictures
    I am not sure if Shana placed these pictures of pig and felony yet so I am just going to post them just in case The heads in the pictures with Bella and Harley are suppose to hang from the ceiling. When pulled out they are 12 feet long a peice
  9. Pictures
    Here's a few test shots from last night. My buddy Rob wanted some shot of him with his bike. Yes, way too much booze before the camera came out.
1-10 of 13 Results