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  1. General Discussion
    So Harlow`s moved with me back to North Carolina in April to live with my family. He has taken quite well, but the hot dog has taught him all sorts of not so good behavior. But it`s not about that. My sister brought it to my attention and I just saw what she meant. She will be petting Harlow...
  2. Pictures
    My favorite Obsessed with the hose && water He loves Kirsten Car Ears! On the way to the beach :D
  3. Pictures
    We moved to NC on April 19th. Since we moved in to a house with 1/4 acre fenced in backyard, he pretty much spends his whole day outside. He`s such a happy puppy lol. In 12 days he will be 7 months old. He`s 56 lbs and 20" tall. Getting so big. Oh! also got him neutered :P Group shot...
  4. Pictures
    So the boyfriend met a new friend who brought his blue boy Rufio over today. Rufio is just over a year old now, a very good looking dog I must say. So Harlow and Paris (roomies bully) made a new friend today. They had a lot of fun running around and playing in the yard today. Rufio was...
  5. Pictures
    Thought I should post one of my pit art here. Old speed paint done of Harlow if he had got his ears cropped.
  6. Health & Nutrition
    He doesn`t have a fever, lack of energy, lack of appetite or anything like that, no weezing, no coughing, no respiratory symptoms. It`s like he has a human Head Cold, he just has a runny nose the last couple of days. But not bad and only really became mucousy this morning when he woke up. Is...
  7. Pictures
    All @ 14 weeks. They`re all little camera whores, everytime I take the camera out they come right up and sit down lol - It`s so hard to get them in action shots lol. Big Boy Harlow 16" tall at the hackles 7" chest across 36 lbs Hi Mom! Bear: 13" 5.5" chest 24 lbs Holy Crap! I found a...
  8. Pictures
    Bear & Harlow at 21 days: Harlow at 4 weeks: The Twins at 6 weeks: Bear at 7 weeks: Nino at 9 weeks: All 3 at 10 weeks with their red nose best friend (owned by a friend of mine) Kobe. And 11 weeks, Harlow & Bear cuddling.
  9. Introduction Forum
    Hello, this is my first post on the forum. Yay. I`m 21 living in Sin City. Got my first pit/mix 7 years ago, have been addicted ever since. These are my babies. This is my King of the house, Harlow. And these are my twins, Bear (female) and Nino (male)
1-9 of 9 Results