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  1. General Discussion
    Stella is 1 yr. old and is still pulling excessively hard whenever we walk. Has anyone had good results with the clip front & back Freedom No-Pull Harness?
  2. General Discussion
    I am going to try my pup at this whole weight pulling thing but I have read other threads on here and all over the internet, is there anyone that makes a good custom pulling harness still?? If so where can I find them or get a hold of them I am looking to purchase ASAP! Thank You ?
  3. General Discussion
    So im getting this new puppy, and a friend of my absolutely insists i get a harness to walk her. She said that something about pitbull's throats be soft or fragile or something along those lines And that a collar would hurt a little puppy. I've never heard this before. I dont really want to buy...
  4. Obedience Training
    Hi everyone! I've always wanted a pit because they are so sweet and loyal. I adopted a 1 year old neutered male from the shelter yesterday. I've never had a dog this strong and am having trouble controlling him on walks....he pulls hard. I'm currently using a chain choker collar, but it doesn't...
  5. General Discussion
    I have a 3year old, 40lb pitbull, and we are still working on training her for walks, she is really good on walks if we take her to the same places, but when we walk her in a new area, she tends to pull a lot, so I was looking a good harness that I could use to train her, and to use for everyday...
  6. pitbull behavior
    My 3 year old Pit got spayed Thursday night and since has been growling at my other dog a few times already? She's back to her normal eating and playful behavior whenever my other dog walks by her when laying down she softly growls at her. They used to always get along.
  7. Obedience Training
    I have a 7 month old pit/mix that I have been working with to walk loose leash with just his collar. I've been trying to find a harness that works that will not irritate his skin. I have not had any luck whatsoever. Does anyone have any suggestions that they have used that has not irritated...
  8. General Discussion
    Hey guys I took up biking with the pup and he does well but the only thing is I intended on buying the correct harness but wanted to see if he would take to it... Well he does but the thing is I have been having trouble finding something I used a regular harness for now but I don't like the way...
  9. Weight Pulling
    I have a rescue APBT I got about 10 months ago. He's about four and a half and i was looking to getting him started in wright pulling. Nothing competition serious, but just some to keep him in shape and physically fit. However, anytime I bring a harness near him and try to put it on him, he...
  10. Weight Pulling
    I have a goal of having Mr. Momo pull a wagon around with groceries and things like that. I think it would be good for him to have a job, and my wife likes to take him to the farmers market, and it would be adorable having him pull a little red wagon around town! What style harness would be best...
  11. Pictures
    I made a separate thread for this cause it's special haha but i will still be updating lokis offical thread :)
  12. Pictures
    So I bought a padded harness for bruno from stillwater. I plan on rollerblading with him and letting him pull me, right now I'm just getting him used to walking and wearing it. He's not a fan lol. Here's some pics. He just turned 9 months and weighs 65lbs (fatty lol)
  13. Pictures
    After obedience class last night, we asked our trainer for help on tools that would "manage" dakotah's mindless pulling while on walks. We tried everything (choke collar, prong collar, halti, to no avail, newtrix doesn't fit on his head because of the shape, etc) all combined with training and...
  14. Bullies 101
    so i was wondering what i should put on my dog for walking when he gets bigger. i was told to use a choker chain but i have no idea if i should use it because i don't know what type of damage it would do if any at all :pup: :confused:
  15. Pictures
    Just recevied i want to thank the people donated to the money so i can get the harness . And Browndog for making it.
  16. Pictures
    A few photos of Badger and Rooster with their new harness and leash. Shane from Stillwater promised that the harness would outlast the dog....and he is probably correct, it is TOUGH!!! BADGER ROOSTER "NO MORE PICTURES!"
  17. General Discussion
    Pros and Cons? Which do you all prefer?
1-17 of 129 Results