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  1. Weight Pulling
    Jst wanting to get some opinions on which harnesses are the best/everyone prefers! Thanks for any help!
  2. Pictures
    Okay, so my sick self was sleeping in bed with the dogs when Hubs came in and woke me up. Waking up to a package of Nizmo Harnesses was pretty awesome! Love how super rugged they are. Hopefully these won't get chewed up like Mya's last one... lol Hopefully I'm not still sick this...
  3. Products / Services
    Hey guys, I've got several dog items for sale. Most of it has either been unused, or lightly used. I don't have pictures right now, but I will get some later tonight when I get home from work. I just wanted to generate some interest to get things going. I need the money, so I have to reduce...
  4. Weight Pulling
    Where is your favorite place to buy them and what are your favorite color combos?
  5. Pictures
    Roxy with her blue one (that isn't really that neon color, lol): And Kane with his red one:
  6. Weight Pulling
    I am looking for a good place to get a pull harness for my dog... she is 8 months old and want her to get more exercise than just the average running around, or swimming do i have to bring her somewhere to get fitted or are they adjustable just like regular harnesses, and are there any good...
  7. Pictures
    It stopped raining so i took some pics Lil Mamma Buster aka ol big head the face off..lol thanks for looking
  8. General Discussion
    So I'm very excited I have finally gotten Nubs a weight pulling harness. It fits well, but I have some questions on it since this is my first weight pulling harness that I have owned and not borrowed and because I don't have anyone close enough to really ask. I brought this second hand, its a...
  9. Products / Services
    Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! As a thank you to the gopitbull community and all my existing customers... Welcome to Tablerock APBTs and Harnesses! Sincerely, Ben and Sara Nally Tablerock Harnesses and Dog Accessories
  10. General Discussion
    Does anyone have experience with these? My pup has outgrown the small kennel we had for her when she was little, and I was looking into car harnesses for travel. The ones that hook into the seatbelt so the dog basically sits on the seat. Also what size do you think would be appropriate..she...
  11. Obedience Training
    I have a 9 year old pit mix, we are unsure exactly what he is mixed with, but he is a big boy. About 65-70 lbs, but very strong. When I take him on walks he is usually okay, but gets too distracted..but the main thing is if he sees a small animal he goes nuts. My father bought him a choker...
  12. Weight Pulling
    For those starting out in weight pull, one common question is "where to I get a harness?" I threw this sticky together to list some sources where people can get weight pull equipment. This list does not cover every single harness-maker out there, but it should provide a good base to start from...
  13. General Discussion
    Hello all! Yes, it has been quit a while since I have been on here. Hope everyone is doing well. Im posting tonight because I am in the middle of adding new blood to my yard. You will be able to see the new comers shortly once I get them on my site. They include some Cottinghams, Crenshaw...
  14. General Discussion
    My hubby is a metal fabricator..so he is going to build me a pull cart with help from his bossman...woohoo. I am so excited. Now alls I need is someone to either make me 2 harnesses or direct me to where I can get 2 really durable and well made ones.
1-14 of 18 Results