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    So today I am in here cleaning up the apartment (b/c im ocd lol not really) and jay being the sweet lil girl she is for once in not making more messes she is posted up at the front door i have the reg door open but the storm glass whatever it is closed she like to lay down and watch outside...
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    this just ticked me off a bit one of those websites the seems credible at first then you find a bad slip up! even worse is most people dont even know websites that look well put together and seem very informative could give you bad info so there for people can not tell which web sites to trust...
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    A good laugh. The Playa Hater's Ball | Chappelle's Show | Comedy Central
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    Ok so Zoe has always hated water. She always just stands in the tub like she is about to be put to sleep. Always tries to escape and today I was watering what little green we have in the backyard and this is what happened. I was so excited we just had to video tape it...... (Please forgive my...
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    Today i was doing my part in this world as a responsible Pitbull owner and was taking Thor for a walk, and then off to the dog park to socialize. When i got to the dog park there were a ton of dogs for him to play with, but when Thor and I got there about half of them moved to the other side of...
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    Does it irritate anyone else when people ask "why is your pitbull so small?" or "why is it's head so small?" I say because I have a AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER not a American Bully! Then I try and explain the difference and they don't get it.
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    The next time you have a "I Hate My Job" type of day, try this: On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the thermometer section and purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson. Be very sure you get this brand. When you get home, lock your doors, draw the curtains...
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    Permission to email & crosspost to other forums. This is PJ. A year and a half old female. Very sweet, loves everyone and everything. She was pulled from death row at a local shelter. Originally we placed her in a foster home due to our lack of space. Well, long story short, she had to come...
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    So I'm trolling CL like always when I'm bored and I come across this post about how this dog needs a home tonight ASAP for 400.00. Then its posted again for 120.00 saying it needs to leave tonight ASAP. Hello its 10:00 at night and you now need a dog gone as soon as possible!!! Anyways...
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    but Obama just scored points with me. Nice to see the guy is just a normal everyday person. Found an article of him trash talking with a fan at the Wizards/Bulls game here The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama - D.C. Sports Bog And it is not everyday you are going to see the leader of the...
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    I guess Karma dont like her pretty pink sweater anymore!!
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    I feel so bad for not taking my dog out in this snowy rainy weather today. but he's just now getting over a cold, and i don't want him to get it going again. we live in an apartment and right across from a big field that i usually take him to play a couple hours a day. anyone have any ideas of...
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    Well, its been snowing here. I found out she hates it, gets all mad cos her paws get wet and cold... shes spoiled... my mutt just falls asleep in the snow. or digs.. anyone elses not like the snow?
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    Ok heres the deal. Since I started doing my research on my bloodlines, everyone knows how it is, like 10 hate pages pull up with what you are looking for here is just a great example of the wonderful stuff that gets put into people's heads Dogs Bite Blog: Pit bull Owners Are More Likely to Be...
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    *cries* I hate myself for being a neohippie sometimes. A cynical, realist hippie, but hippie non-the-less. I got popped with a good old random saliva drug test. Yayness. Not a good thing when I'm supposed to make the trip the KY this weekend with a wallet full of what's left of my balance on...
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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee2 i dread getting up every morning to come to this hell hole called A.A.A.
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    This article made us tear up...this is why dog fighters deserve to die. They don't care about the damage they cause... http://www.mainlinerescue.com/advocacy/dog-fighting
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    when somone messes up your whole training part with your dog. my dad came home from new york today and he loves playing with the puppy. but he always feels the need to feed her at the wrong time then never take her out. so im always coming home to a cage full of you know what. and im getting the...
  20. BSL Discussion
    everytime i come in this thread, it makes me depressed :( im glad texas doesnt have the bull shit law.