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  1. General Discussion
    My friend's most recent blog post: HELEN KELLER COULD SEE WHAT WONDERFUL PETS PIT BULLS MAKE. HERS WAS NAMED 'SIR THOMAS.' | Yonah Ward Grossman :doggy:
  2. Pictures
    Members Just wanted to thank the RKC crew for putting on a great show at Glen Helen.Gave people a chance to meet new friends,and shake old ones on the hand.The weather was a bit chilly,but that did not hinder the Bully's from showing of.There was a lot of prime dogs on deck,but I will let the...
  3. Events, Results & Photos
    Members There will be a show thos sayurday at Glen Helen.Come out and celebrate before Thanksgiving. Thank you, Henry
  4. Pictures
    Members Thank you to Benny and Michelle for a great show.The location was perfect for all that attended.Plenty of shade and grass.Good seeing old friend's and making new one's also.Feel free to leave GOOD comments on my web page. I cant get photobucket to load from my pc-so just go to picture...
  5. Pictures
    Members Just wanted to share some pictures from the Glen Helen Cinco De mayo show.We all had a great time,and the weather was perfect.A big thank you to Manny for bringing Partagas out,and get him fitted with the new hand carved harness.It was a great pleasure working my Mojo on that harness.And...
  6. Pictures
    Hey Members Just wanted to thank Benny-Michelle for a great show at Glen Helen this Saturday.The weather was cool,but no wind so it was really nice.I did not get a lot of pictures this time-I was there solo,and had to man my booth at the same time. Great to see old friend's,and shake new hand's...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey GPB Just wanted to share some pictures from the show on saturday.We had 80 a high of 80-very tough.Lots of fine dogs and a great time for all who attended.We had front row seats to the weight pull,so here goes. Thank you, Henry
  8. Pictures
    Hey GPB Just wanted to share a few pic's from the show this Saturday.Windy-sunny and warm,and we all had a great time. The drive for Villalobos was a success,so a lot of Bully's will be taken care of for a bit.The show went smooth and there was a lot of people and fine dog's all over the place...
  9. Pictures
    Hey GPB We had a great time again at Glen Helen.Thank you to Benny-Michelle for a great time.The kids with pit's dressed in costume was a treat.Had a chance to meet new people and shake them on the hand.Also good to see old frinds again. When so many people from all over come to supprt the Bully...
  10. Events, Results & Photos
    Just wanted to post the info. There is gonna b a bully show labor day weekend at glen Helen park in San bernandino, ca. For more info check out ibcdogs.com All bull breeds welcomed. This includes real apbts, bullies, American bull dogs, am staffs etc.
  11. Pictures
    Hey GPB Just wanted to thank Benny and Michell Chavez for a rocking show.There was great looking dog's and people all over the place.The biggest show I have ever been to.Rey and the Good Oliver was working the rails.Really liked the weight pull.Most impressive performance by the Bully's,,,,Bully...
1-11 of 12 Results