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  1. General Discussion
    Support Pitbull Service Dogs Like Elle Helping "Pay it Forward" for the Disabled Support Pitbull Service Dogs Like Elle Helping "Pay it Forward" for the Disabled Community...
  2. General Discussion
    I made this video for an organization I work with. They pair rescue dogs (almost all pitbull/pit mixes) with prisoners, saving the dogs and helping the prisoners in the process.
  3. General Discussion
    Now this is directed at noone and just looking for opinions from both sides really , this is one of those things that can be looked at from either side. Lately it seems like we hear alot of people talk about how horrible it was when they picked up there pups, the puppy was sick or there were...
  4. Pictures
    Beautiful day in NY, took the bike out since 7am and then came home and decided the car needed a bath.. I had Sasha outside and she was playing with a stick and biting the water from the hose when I needed a laugh(silly puppy)... I thought I would share some pics, there are taken with my phone...
  5. Pictures
    Click on picture for video What a Goof! :hammer:
  6. General Discussion
    Hey all! I'm trying to help a family member who just adopted 2 young St. Bernard pups from their local shelter in D.C./Maryland area. Does anyone know of a good Saint forum I can refer them to? If so can you please PM me. I'd appreciate it very much.
  7. Pictures
    Since Laila did well at the fun show last week learning, we thought we'd make it fun!
  8. Pictures
    Today I had to go do some helping out at my high school and thought to take Cree with me, just to get him use to a crap load of people by starting small. I walked in and had him greet the people that was working on our wall, which were only three people and he was nervous but as time went on...
  9. General Discussion
    help me out by leaving a cmment on this article chris spence is the comment i wrote Forum : Pit Bulls (Roanoke Rapids, NC)
  10. General Discussion
    Layla's been moppy lately and her trainer has caught on to it during her puppy class. Layla is constantly wanting to be on my lap or between my legs. My trainer says she has been babied and has little independence. She said not to let her on my lap anymore and absolutely no nap time with me...
1-10 of 12 Results