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  1. Pictures
    Please excuse the fact that I am completely covered in drool and dog hair :/ oh and the fact that I look like a fat ass walrus lmao!!!! Cap'n Morgan Gator mouf Puppy kisses are the bestest! Envy Skyy Hennessy (Gator mouf) and Belvedere Cash Whiskey...
  2. Pictures
    been sick this past week so havent been on , came back to a request for new puppy pics { dont have pics of them all my camera died :( but here is what I have} my youngest is addicted to the puppys couple of the boys loki being soo cool lol Loki needs a censor bar I know lol , but my dogs...
  3. General Discussion
    Got off work about an hour ago and let the pups out of their crates. I don't have a fenced in yard, so I usually take them out back when they need to go outside. They have a much larger area to do their business in without having to worry about traffic or people walking by. So, I take Roxie...
  4. Pictures
    Well I got some pics of Obi that do him some justice lol. Hes not as large as he looks. My female goats playing Little Lamb and my 2 Females Tye
  5. General Discussion
    have any of ya ever hear of a creep command if not checc it out
  6. Bloodline Discussion
    i Got this great looking pitt bull...his story looks a bit lost...the guy told me he was registered with the UKC and he was a SPARDA.(never talked to him again by the way...)is it possible?here is a picture of him.too bad his ears harent cut!...can he be tatooed or anything else i could do to...
  7. General Discussion
    Being previously enlisted this is crap, as in even the military. check it out Pit bulls, other breeds banned in military housing
1-7 of 7 Results