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    I haven’t posted anything in years, couldn’t even remember how to upload pics. So here’s a picture of Lincoln, Hazel and Lux! Carley’s Elmer passed in November and left Lincoln as our only dog. I have never had only one at the house and I knew Carley needed to put her loss behind her. She picked...
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    image by Rossi Amadeo, on Flickr
  3. General Discussion
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi, see how everyone is doing. How are you guys? Anything new going on with the doggies?
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  5. Bullies 101
    I have found a guy that breeds out here in az and I've been talking with him the pups and parents are UKC abkc and abda the sire is the one I really like and I'm pretty excited to meet the pups. Can you give a little feedback on the what you think I'll post pics now
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    Can you please post some pix of your handsome boy? He reminds me so much of D for some reason lol Sent from Petguide.com Free App
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    We're from LA, she is currently 4.5 months old, and is such a smart girl! I'm so excited to see how she is when full grown! We have her just about fully potty trained (no accident going on a month! Woot woot) I was wondering if anyone knew how to train a puppy to ring a bell at the door when...
  8. Health & Nutrition
    Hey all. I have a 3 month 30 pound pitbull I need help as I am new to this forum. I been paying so much to help this dog. He's losing hair on his forehead and leg area. I took him to the vet and she said my dog has mange. (The kind that is curable and not contagious. ) he's such a great dog and...
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  10. General Discussion
    I took a break from the forum for a little bit. I've been too depressed to get on here. My female Aussie got out and by the time I found her she had gotten hit by a car and didn't make it. She was only out 20 minutes. It just killed me. She was the sweetest most beautiful girl and I searched for...
  11. The Pitbull Lounge
    It's Tina aka KingsGurl's Birthday! Happy Birthday Tina and I hope you have the best day ever!
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    Happy Birthday Woman! Hope your birthday is the best one yet, and Mel treats you to something special, lol.
  13. Pictures
    Hey all, posted these yesterday but I think it disappeared, this is my pup
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    If you can click "like" on this pic and help my friend out!! He has two great labs. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150528609058742&set=o.191377167568806&type=1&theater
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    of my boys hope u like... 1st(Nismo age 8)brindle 2nd(King age 3)Blue 3rd(Bishop age 1)fawn
  16. General Discussion
    I haven't been on in like forever lol, how is everyone and their pups? We've been so busy getting our son ready for school this year and getting Dosia ready to start some comps in a few months. Here's a few pics of D getting back in shape Getting some hang time lol Flirt Here's...
  17. General Discussion
    Lost my Brindle baby about 3 months ago, just due to old age. Best bulldog i've ever owned. I adoped a yr old pup from a rescue. Had her for a month now. She's so timid and skddish that i can't even train her to sit. Sh ducks the head and tucks the tail and heads to her bed. Having hell...
  18. Pictures
    This is Indica. Father was purebred pitbull terrier, mother was mastiff x rottweiler. here is a picture of her with my other dog, Cyssero.. He's american bulldog lab mix.
  19. Pictures
    Hey guys i havent posted anything on here for a wile now Anyways heres a couple updated shots Off Pebbles. Some of the old pictures you guys might remember New one from a couple days ago.
  20. General Discussion
    Seems like I've been pulling away from the site. I've been working, schooling, taking care of lil man and Kandi, so I don't have much free time. I haven't gotten much love lately anyways. Just thought I would shoot an update to the ones I've grown closer to... Kandi's 7 1/2 months now and I went...