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  1. Pictures
    I haven’t posted anything in years, couldn’t even remember how to upload pics. So here’s a picture of Lincoln, Hazel and Lux! Carley’s Elmer passed in November and left Lincoln as our only dog. I have never had only one at the house and I knew Carley needed to put her loss behind her. She picked...
  2. Pictures
    image by Rossi Amadeo, on Flickr
  3. General Discussion
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi, see how everyone is doing. How are you guys? Anything new going on with the doggies?
  4. Pictures
  5. Bullies 101
    I have found a guy that breeds out here in az and I've been talking with him the pups and parents are UKC abkc and abda the sire is the one I really like and I'm pretty excited to meet the pups. Can you give a little feedback on the what you think I'll post pics now
  6. Pictures
    Can you please post some pix of your handsome boy? He reminds me so much of D for some reason lol Sent from Petguide.com Free App
1-6 of 157 Results