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    LoL, For those of you who know me, I am sorry I have not been on for a while, as life caught up with me. I no longer work @ the hotel, (no more midgets) (inside joke, dave) I work as a gas injector technician. Basically i press a button on a machine all day that does all the work for me and get...
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    heres some new ones of pike, i took them tonight when i got off work and walked him to peepee. i'll try to take some better ones tomorrow in the daytime so if you see this tonight i'll try to update tomorrow with a little bit better pix. hes growing good, 2 1/2 years old, so hes about full...
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    Ok HEre is my hippo He runs miles and he never gets tired.. The pics are when he gets bored in the yard and jumped the fence and came to front porch.... the last pics are his puppies he just had nov 19th. 09.. Well anyways I was just wondering what do yall think of my pit hes only 14 months old...
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    She is a stalker!!! sorry for the over load.
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    heres a couple pix of pike (ambully) that i took tonight. sorry so crappy, cellphone on top of dark is a disaster waiting to happen. plus the fact u cant get him to stay still! but this is the best ur gunna get until i get me a new digi haha. ---shane
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    Heres pike, havent posted in a while so i thought i would show u guys some. hes now 16 months old, r.e. american bully. Sorry so many, i got carried away. ---shane n pike
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    heres my hippo. pike is an american bully...100% r.e., 15mo. sorry for the crappy cell phone pix....im too lazy to charge the digi. the pekingese is his new girlfriend. (lexus) i rescued her from a bad breeder a couple weeks ago. the other male is chump, he was my dog but i gave him to a friend...
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    Indi and Terror (aka Trance) Trance being BAD RE Gotti and Chinaman "Imma nawr er ear off!!"
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    Heres my hippo :) 100% razors edge almost 15mo. Lil boy....only 50 lbs on the vet scale 2 weeks ago. my daughter is one of his best friends haha :) nanny dog. anywho...pikey.
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    heres the family. only one that's not pictured in these are my oldest daughter kaylee. i only get her every other weekend, so i'll post some pix of her later on. me n pikeY ri ri (riley) and pikeY <----PikeY comes from her. lol heather and pike (fiance, soon to be married july 18th :clap:)
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    heres pike again :) he's now 1 yr 1 mon. old. we went for a ride yesterday and i took some pix. enjoy....BTW camera phones are actually starting to be worth a damn huh. i just got me an env2. its only a 2.0mp but its def. nicer than the 1.3's!!!
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    heres my boy pike in the kitchen. my daughter was throwing him cheese-its and he was having a blast lol. their partners in crime, until he chews up one of her babydolls. To all those that say "bull dogs are vicious"................. here you go :) Also on another note, the bully's starting to...
1-12 of 14 Results