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  1. Pitbull Articles
    Just wanna see some OLD pics, that promote the dogs as they were..
  2. Pictures
    (I think this is the tat I want) November 1924 --- Washington, DC: Meet up with Stubby, a 9-year-old veteran of the canine species. He has been through the World War as mascot for the 102nd Infantry, 26th Division. Stubby visited the White House to call on President Coolidge The American Watch...
  3. General Discussion
    Historic Pitbull Magazine Covers http://www.pitbullmuseum.org/pag_html/collection.html Check out all of them!!!
  4. Keith "Cane76" Campos
    Im gonna start a thread for historic photos of amstaffs and apbts,the dogs that had some real impact on the breeds history.... firstly plumbers alligator,know for his size and possably the hardest mouthed dog of all time,he created a whole line of dogs that has produced quality and ch/grch.. of...
1-4 of 7 Results