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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 21 month Blue pit. His name is chewy. We have had him sense he was 9 month old. We feed him Blue Buffalo twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I take him on 4 mile walks every other day. Monday, Wed, Friday. Sat or Sun. I was wondering if there is any routine I can put him...
  2. General Discussion
    Sorry if this was already posted on here, i did a quick search and didn't find anything. This is a sad story from here in AZ, a Female Pit was hit by a car and her companion (male Pit) wouldn't leave her side for 14.5hrs. Here is the full story from our local news station. Dog refuses to leave...
  3. Pitbull Articles
    Getting Hit by a Car to Avoid a Dog : StubbyDog I thought this was a good read and wanted to share it with you all. It reminds me of what I, and I'm sure everyone else here, deal with every time I am out with my dog in public. Whether we are walking, jogging or playing at the park, people...
  4. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    This was amazing to me. What an intelligent dog!
  5. Pitbull Articles
    Police shoot at pit bull, hit teen A shot fired by a Baltimore police officer went through a pit bull and into one of a group of boys who had been harassing the dog earlier, police say. The group of teens had been antagonizing a pit bull in Northeast Baltimore. Police say the pit bull got loose...
  6. General Discussion
    Linda Blair's kennel is under criminal investigation after one of her dogs escaped this weekend and attacked a pig ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ. We're told L.A County Animal Care and Control launched the investigation after the dog escaped, went to a nearby ranch and attacked Gerty...
  7. General Discussion
    I was playing tug of war with my dog the other day, and he went for the rope when I was pulling it back and he took a nice bite out of my belly, I got so mad and hit him in the rear, and said no bite. (I no it wasn't his fault, I'm reallly tryin to teach him boundaries though) I find myself...
  8. Pictures
    by the purty stick :D pike n my beautiful wife
  9. General Discussion
    Dogs are truly amazing ;)
  10. Pictures
    He's okay. A little banged up. The last person to come through the gate did not latch it properly (not someone in the household mind you) and the dogs got out. Loki was lucky enough to walk away with his life after being struck by a car. Must have just collided with it, no one knows for sure...
  11. General Discussion
    Would you still own the breed discreetly? This may arouse many emotional and hard feelings, but would you try to keep the breed in existence or bow down to unethical presure?
  12. Positive Pitbull News
    Kennels hit by dog attack fears People are being put off taking in unwanted dogs because of recent reports of attacks on people and animals, according to the manager of a Shropshire dogs' home overrun with strays. Hillbrae Dogs Home, in Telford, is currently housing more than 100 dogs and...
  13. Positive Pitbull News
    Peoria man takes hit to the wallet for pit-bull attack Brent Whiting The Arizona Republic Dec. 18, 2006 04:41 PM A Peoria man was ordered Monday to pay $8,829 in restitution for an attack by two pit bulls that left a neighbor bitten, a mule dead and a retired racehorse badly mauled. The order...
1-14 of 20 Results