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  1. Bloodline Discussion
    Been wondering if I should investigate the American Staffordshire Terrier for obvious reasons but am willing to look into ideal American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines for hog catching. Anyone have good recommendations?
  2. Pictures
    Some of the footage is from last year, but I have added some new clips from this year as well. Southern Inferno Kennels hunting with Southern Cross Cut Gear in S. Fl. The catch dogs you will see are Southern Inferno's Cowboy, Southern Inferno's GA, Southern Inferno's Fury, H.C.I's Irish Wrath...
  3. Health & Nutrition
    Dozer is on 4health grain free beef/sweet potato he has been getting 5 cups a day for the last couple months. He weighed 59lbs at the vet last week at almost 9.5 months He is my first bull dog, he is very high energy any we play at least 3hr a day plus he is always running never walks. I am...
  4. Products / Services
    Southern Cross Cut Gear and Hog Hunting Supply is under new management and has a new home here in GA! Southern Cross Cut Gear
  5. General Discussion
    I was wondering if there are any other people on here that hunt with there dogs.
  6. Events, Results & Photos
    Down South AADR Club>AADR Sanctioned (2)Money Pull$...Hangtime,Tug-of-War & Hog Roast Down South AADR Club - Home Log In | Facebook #HOMEOFTHEMONEYPULL APBC Training & Events Center
  7. Pictures
    Pups born a couple weeks ago, five in all. They are from a crossed up line of cur type dogs and both parents have been outstanding strike dogs for their owners, as well as the grandparents and on up the line. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Momma and pups a day or two after they were...
  8. Pictures
    My strike dogs Betty- Catahoula Blue- Bluetick/Heeler Speedy- Plot/ Blackmouth Cur The catch dogs Beetle B.A. Thanks for looking
  9. Pictures
    I just joined the fourm so I figured I'd post up some pictures. We hunt in central Texas almost year round. A lot of times it's a family affair with my wife and kids going with me. I hope to pass on the traditions of hunting and hunting with dogs to my sons. This is one of the biggest we've...
  10. General Discussion
    hey all figured id ask here im in the market well i will be very shortly for some strike dogs for hog hunting ive already got catch dogs so im in no need for any of them but a couple of good strike dogs would be good tho if you happend to know of anybody im in the amarill tx area willing to...
  11. Misc. Dog Activities
    when hunting do pitbulls use their eyes more like sighthounds or smell like well i guess bloodhounds. Or are they used just as the one that gets the hog and another dog locates the pig? Just curious if any one knew or could elaborate on this for me
  12. General Discussion
    I've been trying to read up on hog hunting because it's something I'm interested in doing.But have a couple questions. 1. Besides killing the hogs because of what their doing to the earth,crops,etc.. what are the benefits of it? You can't use their meat like you do a domestic pig,can you? I'm...
  13. General Discussion
    does anyone no of anybody doin this in tennessee? i would love to try this..around southern middle ,tn.
  14. General Discussion
    so my dogs are doing really well catching and staying healthy thanks to catch vests and small pigs so far but im getting tierd of the guy i have been hunting with. we use his bay dogs and my catch dogs im looking into getting a bay dog of my own but im not shure what breed to go with. alot of...
  15. General Discussion
    So I was at my sister's visiting and let my 8 month old APBT (Axel) run around the yard with her dog, they are buds. There is not a paved road for 3/4 mile and no neighbors for 1/3 mile so we let the dogs play off leash all the time. Well... apparently my sister's German shepherd mix (Roxy)...
  16. General Discussion
    How do you go about training your dog to hog hunt? Or do you have to even "train" or does it depend on the dog? Do you start with a small pig and let them go from there? We gotta hog problem out here!
  17. General Discussion
    ok i was watching a video on youtube the other day with a wide range of dogs that were used for hog hunting and of course our beloved APBT is one of these dogs. the hunting looks like it can get pretty rough and the dogs are armoured up with serious kevlar and thick nyloy vests and collars...
  18. General Discussion
    I wasn't sleepy so I surfed around and I found out there's also another game dog used for hog hunting it's called a Lacy dog, they can hold their own with feral hogs. I did not know that!
  19. General Discussion
    Is it a necessary thing or a sport. You got farmers crops being destroy and then you got your hunters who do this for sport only. I got mix feeling about this, I would like to go along to watch, maybe because I would love to see these dogs do what they were originally bred for before being used...
  20. General Discussion
    So I noticed the thread that started about hunting and moved on to ridiculousness was removed (and for good reason) but I was wondering if the original video could be reposted. It was a good video and I wanted to show a few of my friends who are into hunting. I hope it doesn't spark another...