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    Woman Hurt In North Highlands Home Invasion CBS Sacramento so this wonderful lil event happened just around the corner from me. in fact when my BF was in the shower i heard the police sirens. i had no clue what was goin on though, when the BF got to work at 7am he called me and told me to keep...
  2. Pictures
    My friend showed this to me,and I thought I would share. See, even the cape crusader is a pitbull man~:clap:
  3. The Family Room
    I could be holding my son in less than 2 weeks now! OMG the past few weeks have gone by so fast! I remember when I was counting down from 6 weeks when I found out I'd be induced! I have now reached 37 weeks (full term) And if he don't come before I will still be induced at 39 weeks. I can't wait...
  4. The Pitbull Lounge
    in case you all didn't know... Nevada is much more than the lights and glamour of las Vegas.... my favorite... these were taken just outside of Ely, Nevada. all at or above 7,000 feet. when you want to see "Nevada" drive north from Vegas ;)
  5. The Pitbull Lounge
    I am working on a report on a house in jacksonville. A big part of what I do is pulling statistics for the immediate area (within a mile). For this particular home.... within a 1 mile radius there have been a total of 62 homes who are either up for sale, the sale is pending or has sold within...
  6. Health & Nutrition
    Just weighed the pups for their wormer this week. Each of those suckers weighed 10-11 pounds at 7 weeks. I don't ever remember any of my dogs being hefty at this age.
  7. Pictures
    The only one I weighed at first was the runt on day 2 because she wasn't nursing...at that time she was 15 ounces...today she is 1.15 pounds. Today: The little boy is 2.3 Miss Piggy is a whopping 2.9!!!! group shots The boy... he's already starting to open his eyes! Freak boy...
  8. General Discussion
    I wake up this morning at 4:00am and walk down the hall from my bedroom to the living room. All 4 dogs are walking behind me and the instant we get to the living room world war 3 breaks out. My boy Sugar Ray and my boy Julius just started going at it. Don't know how it happened since there was...
  9. General Discussion
    ofk you'll like this 5 800 kilogram = 12 786.811 206 724 2 pound the end isnt in english but u get the point (i converted for yall too)
1-9 of 9 Results