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    I got the call last night that i can come and get my babies in a few days!! They are about 6 wks old. But I do have a question for you guys....the previous owner suggests that I still give them warm milk. If they still need milk shouldn't they stay with Mom a little longer?
  2. Pictures
    Here he is.....Home at last..LOL Traveling is hard work.... Home...To much to do to just be standing still..lol
  3. Pictures
    My little hellion, Trance! aka McQuiston's Sardonyx Sentinel.
  4. Pictures
    She is REALLY hard to photograph right now, lol. She wants to be all up in my business. Hehe She's a total doll and will will just chill with you like a grown dog! She's as we say, mature for her age. Get her wound up though, and watch out! :)
1-4 of 5 Results