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  1. Health & Nutrition
    Newbie here looking for feedback on homemade food basic recipe for my 9 year old 84lb (tall big boned) white and tan pitty, activity low. I normally feed him 3 cups Victor High Pro a day and I’m now exploring homemade food, But I don’t know what basic ratio to feed him. I’ve heard 1/3 carbs...
  2. Health & Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I am interested in making my own doggie treats for my baby boy. Right now i am buying him blue buffalo treats. I wont buy him anything other than blue buffalo. I have noticed that he is eager to learn and loves a treat once in a while. I was wondering if anyone has some receipes...
  3. General Discussion
    If you treat your dog like a child, you will definitely want to cook something delicious for him or her once in a while. Homemade dog food is a simple way to make sure your pup is eating a healthy diet. Surely, you won't treat your dog to these tasty meals every single day. Do it at least once a...
  4. Health & Nutrition
    I found this easy recipe online that I want to share with you guys. My puppy Thor loves them!
  5. Health & Nutrition
    Hey everyone! So I've been feeding my pittie baby homemade food for about 2 months now. He went to the vet last month for a check up and the vet said he looked very healthy. However, I want to get your guys' opinions on homemade dog food. I've tried orijen which is supposedly the "best dog...
  6. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, we've put up this week's new recipe if you are into baking and interested in homemade treats for your dog. We come up with these every week, usually seasonal, and the recipes are posted on PetGuide.com if you are ever looking for something new to bake for your furry friends. For...
  7. General Discussion
    Made my pup a tiny harness out of Paracord. It's probably not balanced right but it's not like she is going to be pulling anything of any substancial weight lol.
  8. General Discussion
    Hey all, Well Luna is naturally lean and muscular thanks to dad...but she is now 6 months old and I'd like to start her on LIGHT conditioning with a spring or flirt pole! I know that most "high exercise" should be started no earlier than 12-18 months but I figure a spring pole or flirt pole is...
  9. Health & Nutrition
    I've heard that homemade dog food has become popular. I'm thinking about trying it myself...here is a great link to a recipe for homemade dog food!! Check it out!!Sample Homemade Dog Food Recipe
  10. General Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has made homemade antler chews. I have a few old sheds and i was thinking about just cutting off the points and sanding the edges. Is there anyother thing i should do to them??
  11. The Pitbull Lounge
    I thought It would be fun to share recipes for our dogs favourite treats , If you have a good one and want to share with us please do :) heres a banana cookie bar 3cups rolled oats { not the quick cooking} 1 1/4 cups all purpose flour { I like the whole wheat though} 2 eggs 1/4 cup vegi oil 1/2...
  12. The Pitbull Lounge
    I'm attempting to make homemade tomato sauce w/ fresh tomatoes, basil & orgegano. Anyone have suggestions as to what I should add? I've done online searches & nothing really 'speaks' to me. Do I let it simmer all day? Is it necessary to add tomato paste? Thanks all:D
  13. Pictures
    Took her out tonight before the rain hit. You can tell she loves this ball. I'll have a video later on if my other half gets it to youtube. How does she look conditonwise to everyone? Hope you all enjoy :) I hope they're not too big...i haven't figured out the darn re-sizing in photobucket...
  14. General Discussion
    how can i make some homemade tug toys to play woth my dogs,i tried searching the website but could'nt really find anything,with so many pit lovers someones bound to have some great ideas
  15. Raw Foods
    Myth: HOME-MADE, COOKED DIETS ARE A BETTER, SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO RAW. This is a common argument: instead of feeding kibble, why not feed a home-cooked diet? Advocates of this have you believe that you avoid all the 'dangers' associated with raw-feeding like bones and bacteria. But is a...
  16. Do-it-Yourself
    This is a pic heavy post with a how to video at the bottom. Next summer keep your dogs comfortable for cheap! Staffy Lovin: Air Conditioned Dog House for Cheap
  17. Do-it-Yourself
    Here are two posts on the matter of what to do with all that dirty dog business....enjoy Staffy Lovin: The Homemade Dog Waste Septic System Staffy Lovin: Dog Waste Composter
  18. Health & Nutrition
    Hello Everyone! My dogs have become very picky with canned dog food and, quite frankly, I hate reading all the preservatives and such on the labels. Does anyone else make their dog(s) food at home? If so, any recipes you suggest? Thanks! :woof:
  19. Health & Nutrition
    Hello! I am new here and I am looking for information on anyone who feeds their dog(s) homemade diets. I saw another thread about vets not recommending it but since I wanted some more specific info I thought I would start a new thread. I was hoping some of you that feed your dogs homemade...
1-19 of 21 Results