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  1. Pictures
    Yup. Here are my boys, in our hood! :) Romping around in the yard! :) Enjoy! "Me iz' a ball munster! GRR!" I saw them standing there.. and I said "Do you guys want a... " and they both immediately picked there heads up! Hahaha.. Big slubber man! Look at that bod! I'z so sexxy...
  2. Pictures
    i was out in my yard they were walking by talked and took a few pics i like this female..she so sweet^^ pups two houses down them pups wouldn't stay still..lol
  3. Off Topic Pitbull Lounge
    My hearts and prayers go out to those brave men women and families who are surviving the massacre there last night. God grant everyone peace in thier hearts and minds and actions.
  4. Pictures
    My two girls Here's Lucy with her big sister Terrible Tiny Teena, we took a walked around the neighborhood, we spent about 30 minutes so could Lucy check out an area around the house. We stopped at the playground to start socializing but no kids to be found anywhere. Lucy watching out for...
  5. General Discussion
    So this morning before leaving for work I took out the pups for one last bathroom break. While out in the court yard in front of my house I am meet by two hoods doing grounds work. They comming running up to me and are like nice dogs and then start with all their awsome questions.. The...
  6. General Discussion
    ok guys here goes when does a dogs temperment set in ii mean specifically a pitbulls temperment i am wondering because right now onyx LOVES other dogs and is a wossy around them i dont mind this trait at all but when he gets older will breed instincts settle in and change the way he acts around...
1-7 of 7 Results