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    Good day, My name is shay I live in Barbados and I have a 9 week old red nose pitbull puppy, this is my first pitbull and im trying to learn as I go but it seems he is the one training me. I got him unexpectedly so I was not prepared: no crate, treats or food. So I improvised I let him sleep...
  2. General Discussion
    UN climate report offers hope but with stark warnings Climate change is happening, it's almost entirely man's fault and limiting its impacts may require reducing. [STARS]. Watch. Interstellar. Online. Movie. 2014. Neelson. Reviews. : sanuvdsde [STARS]. Watch. Big. Hero. 6. Online. Movie. 2014...
  3. The Pitbull Lounge
    Susie's Hope - Movie (2013) | LocateTV
  4. General Discussion
    ccl rehab is going great. so i took my boy for a very mild trail walk this past weekend. we were taking a break in the shade near a stream and some kids were playing nearby. a boy who was maybe 7 or 8 asked his dad "is that a pitbull terrier or american bully?" props to the random dad who...
  5. General Discussion
    Below is my a petition I started this morning to ban main stream media and Associated Press from falsely listing mixed breed dogs as "Pit Bulls" without first having the dogs DNA tested or examined by the AKC or ASCPA!! Please sign and share with everyone you know. Literally hundreds of...
  6. Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio
    Hope Animal Rescue - Born Out of Hurricane Katrina 05/07 by Pit Bulletin Legal News | Blog Talk Radio Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLNR crew will talk to Hope Rescue, born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Regular show episodes include: Recap of last week's show Weekly news update...
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  8. Pictures
    Right, so just to give you something to compare, this is Tyson and Dakota when Ty was just a 6 week old pup.
  9. Pictures
    Stole this one from FB - I'll admit, it made me tear up just a little...
  10. Pictures
    Hey All Here is just a few pictures I took of Hope and Boom out playing in between the rain today!! If you can get a look at Hopes legs and neck you will see she has hair...YAY:woof: When you see her before pictures she had just raw bloody skin from her Mange that she had when we rescued her...
  11. Pictures
    Hi all this is a picture of Hope.She is all better no more mange!!! I cant thank all of you enough for helping me get her through that terrible mange she had. If you want you can go back and look at her old photoes and see how far she has come, all possible from the help we got from all of you...
1-11 of 41 Results