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  1. Pictures
    after several months of trying to heal Houdini's tail it was a lost. He broke off 3 vertebrates of his tail a few days After we returned home from the UKC show in Athens back in april We had to have it amputated cause there was no skin left to grow back. As you some of you know this is my tail...
  2. Pictures
    Here is a couple of pics of my son working Houdini to day on a practice track at James Roger's house today. And I have added a couple of the other dogs. Daymian and Houdini. Houdini was getting use to pulling straight and Daymian was getting use to calling Houdini to the end of the track...
  3. Pictures
    Houdini just turned a year old on the 20th. He hasnt been with us long but if you can't tell he fits in just fine. And excuse the date on half of these my retarded butt forgot to set the date when I started getting photo happy today! Happy Birthday big boy
1-3 of 3 Results